Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds – d’oh! Celia Villalobos escupiendo bilis por los labios. If you are still, at a distance, against Pablo Iglesias. I like it very much. All persons, whether political or treacherous, have the right to discuss, to debate, to confront, the ideas of the opposition. Pero la señora Villalobos metió también a los hijos del senor Iglesias in his enjuague salivar, esos nines pequeñitos que nacieron delicados y que cuentan ahora con apenas 4 años de edad. «¿Y los niños? Are there any children? If you want to go and echo a mana for caudartelos, that you can have very little case », aullaba Villalobos causing on the plateau a general regocio. Ah! Cuanta infamia. Use the nines in an embarrassing discourse that is one of the greatest. I’m not here to defend you Pablo Iglesias. I do not need my defense. I intend to defend an office, a profession, a mode of making television that is not repulsive. Nadie le reprochó en watel plato a Celia Villalobos tanta mezquindad. On the contrary, the region ‘la gracia’. Allow the senorama Villalobos that mande dede here a consejo with good intention, and free: la proxima vez que vuelva a la tele, procure llegar escapu de casa.

JOAN QUINTANILLA, the alma that lleva accompanying to Julia Otero under the control of Onda Cero desde hace tantos años, me llamó ayer por la noche y me lanzó una pincelada: “Do not miss the program of La 2 ‘Flames of Flames'”. Lo acabo de ver. He was disappointed. Miguel Poveda y Soleá Morente caminaban por guad del Guadalquivir ya la altura del puente de Triana se encontraron con Remedios Amaya. Estaba alli parade, accompanied by guitar, caja, and palms, and arranged with that bully tan castiza: “Ours does not have a name / its names that pass between a woman and a man”. Ah! The palaces of the ‘cane jondo’ have verses that, in their apparent ingenuity, on the other side. En el Palacio de Dueñas, Pedro ‘El Granaíno‘le regaló a Solea water fandango of his father entitled ‘Decadencia’. And the day before: “I do not know how to sing, because singing is the most beautiful form of rezar”. In my house we have no reasons, but to see the enormous quality of this program, we need to stay informed.

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