Monegal’s criticism: ‘Eufòria’ without ‘procés’, transversal euphoria

I have kept a respectful silence during the broadcast of the musical ‘talent’ ‘Eufòria’ (TV-3). Now that it has concluded, it is worth highlighting the rarity of the experiment, an exemplary rarity on television. The journalist Joan Julibert said it very well last morning in the ‘FAQS’: «TV-3 has broken down barriers and has reached an audience that would never have ended up on TV-3 without ‘Eufòria’». And he added: “Because we all know how that TV thing works”.

Effectively. We all know how TV-3 works. Going exciting 25% of the population of Catalonia has enough. Only that of this 25% (close to two million inhabitants) manages to catch three hundred thousand, its screen share already exceeds that of the competition’s chains, by a long way. The wonderful oddity of ‘Eufòria’ is that, for the first time, TV-3 does not expel 75% of the population, but rather attracts and adds non-regular viewers.

And that has come about because in this musical contest there have been neither homilies, nor sermons, nor agit-prop, nor trenches of false humor, nor anything that smacks of communicant ‘procesisme’. In these three months that the contest has lasted, for example, there has been no connection with Waterloo. oh! That comforts a lot.

At the final gala we have seen cameras moved to Valls, Sant Quirze del Vallés, Santa Pau (localities of the winner Marionof triquell and of Nuria, respectively), with floods of people, with immense joy, walking through the streets and squares, and we did not see a flag wave, neither Spanish nor ‘estelada’. oh! It has been colossal. When the fury of gangsterism is non-existent, humanity triumphs.

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What there was were banners, affectionate, that said “Mariona blurs me!” either «Núria, all Garrotxa is with you!». Also the songs that we have listened to for three months have been like opening the windows so that the ‘pal de paller’ gets some air. Beyoncé, Cher, Mecano, Imagine Dragons, Adrià Puntí, Rosalía, Dyango, Jessy J., Dua Lipa… They could have done another type of contest, of course. A ‘talent’ of rappers for the cause, furious, urging sticking ice axes in the head of some Hispanic.

Fortunately, it has been a great transversal ‘show’, produced by Veranda, now a subsidiary of Boomerang, in turn integrated into Lagardère, a French and international giant. I celebrate this cross-border look. Wide. Far from the reductive village folklore.

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