Monegal’s criticism: Bertín invites Feijóo and makes him a suit

Tell the gossip of the convergent intrahistory that once, an important ‘conseller’ of pujolismo was invited to eat in the mansion of a slot machine businessman. At the end of the evening a man suddenly entered, with a tape measure, and began to take measurements. The businessman clarified it for him: «I have been so satisfied with our meeting that I am going to give him a suit».

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oh! I have remembered this anecdote while I was seeing Alberto Núñez Feijóo with Bertín Osborne in ‘My house is yours’ (T-5). It has not been an interview, it has been a Bertín officiating as a tailor making Feijóo a beautiful suit. He first stitched his childhood, highlighting the humility of his origins in a tiny Galician district. He then sewed a tin button on it, so that it would shine on his suit, a point, a detail, of his ideological versatility, nothing stubborn or recalcitrant, a button with a socialist texture when he proudly confessed that he wasn 1982 he voted for Felipe González. Felipe himself left an affectionate message recorded for him, but with a snarl, in which he told him: «Don’t worry, Feijóo, the sins of youth are usually forgotten. You only voted for me once! And Feijóo, also using the breech, added: «It is that today that socialist party no longer exists, it has mutated». When the tailor Bertín attacked the fit of the garment, he required the assistance of the Andalusian couturier Moreno Bonillaand the very expert cutter, master of the scissors, Diaz Ayuso. They both gloriously adjusted his jacket. And Bertín seeing that her garment fit her like a glove, she told Ayuso: “I see you much happier with this president!” And she replied: “Things happen for a reason.” oh! They did not specify those ‘things’ that have happened in the PP. The clamp operation against Casado, design by Ayuso and his ‘sherpa’ MAR –with Feijóo’s ‘placet’ and Aznar’s blessing– was not part of the suit. A shame. But the shoulder pads were reinforced with a forceful padding against Pedro Sánchez: “He is leaving a country in debt up to the eyebrows and what is worse, fractured!”

As a right-wing tailor, Bertín is not bad. That is why they have commissioned him to make the television suit for Feijóo, a well-known politician in Galicia but who needs a good, attractive cut, so that all of Spain knows him. Perhaps it is premature tailoring given that the general election is a long way off. But hey, just in case, there’s the first suit.

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