Mom Gabby Petito signals: The family gave a press conference

  • Nicole Schmidt, Gabby Petito’s mother, confessed that her daughter sends her secret messages
  • The family held a press conference this Tuesday morning
  • “We cannot allow his name to be taken in vain.” Said Petito’s father.

DO YOU COMMUNICATE WITH YOUR FAMILY? Gabby Petito’s mother admitted this afternoon that her daughter sent her ‘secret messages’ through different signals and later revealed that they got matching tattoos to always have Petito present. Her parents and their partners held a press conference where they spoke about the foundation in honor of the vlogger.


At the conference, Petito’s father pointed out that they are not going to allow Gabby’s name to be ‘taken in vain’ and that their main wish is that people could support Gabby’s foundation, to help other families that pass for a similar situation and do not have sufficient income.

Mama Gabby Petito Signs: The Press Conference

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On the morning of this Tuesday, Gabby Petito’s family organized a press conference to talk about the foundation they are creating in honor of the late vlogger, where its main purpose is to help families who are going through a similar situation and who they do not have sufficient resources to search for the disappeared.

One of the most special moments was starred by Gabby’s mother, who mentioned that her daughter was ‘sending her secret messages’ through signals and for that reason, she believes that justice can be obtained for Petito. In addition, that Petito’s parents in the company of their spouses got tattoos in honor of the 22-year-old girl. Filed Under: Mommy Gabby Petito Signs

Mama Gabby Petito signs: “Keep her in mind”

Mommy Gabby Petito signals: "Keep it in mind"
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Nicole Schmidt, was one of the people to speak at the press conference and talk about the tattoos that were made together with the other members of her family, to have Gabby Petito always present. The mother of the deceased young woman, said that it would be a constant reminder of how important her daughter is and the symbol that she has become in the community.

Nicole, Joe Petito, and their partners said they all went to get the tattoos together Monday night, according to The Sun. The four people posed for the cameras raising their forearms and showing the phrase “Let It Be” with a wave next to it and a triangle with flowers on the left arm. Filed Under: Mommy Gabby Petito Signs

Mama Gabby Petito signs: “Love and Believe”

Mommy Gabby Petito signals: "Love and believe"
Photo: Screenshot The Sun

Gabby’s mother added that she got two more tattoos in her honor: “Loving” and “Believing.” She hopes that Petito will obtain the justice that was taken from him and that the person who took his life will be found in the near future. The vlogger’s mother admitted that those tattoos are a constant reminder of Petito and what she came to change.

“I wanted to have her with me all the time,” her mother said at the briefing after being asked about the tattoos, according to the news outlet. In recent weeks, the disappearance and death of Gabby have reached all the inhabitants of the country, who joined the family asking that their case be resolved. Filed Under: Mommy Gabby Petito Signs

Mommy Gabby Petito signals: “Take inspiration from it”

Mommy Gabby Petito signals: "Take inspiration from it"
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Nicole Schmidt, not only spoke of tattoos and the importance they have for the four of them, but she hopes that her daughter’s case will serve for the other young women. But, in particular, they hope to be able to help other families who are going through a similar process and that history does not repeat itself.

“I hope people are inspired by her,” Gabby Petito’s mother said at the press conference on Tuesday. “It has already touched so many lives. We are very proud of her. We are going to keep the light on and help a lot of people if we can, ”he mentioned before Petito’s father took the floor. Filed Under: Mommy Gabby Petito Signs

Mama Gabby Petito signals: “We want something positive to come out”

Mommy Gabby Petito signals: "We want something positive to come out"
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Joe Petito, Gabby’s father, who gave a meaningful message at the young vlogger’s funeral, spoke about the meaning they want his daughter’s name to get. The man also mentioned that they hope that the foundation will be something positive for other families who are going through a situation similar to the one they live day to day.

“We cannot allow his name to be taken in vain. We want positive things to come out of him, “he said at the press conference. The family has been demanding justice for Gabby’s case and for her fiancé, Brian Laundrie, to be arrested, as he is the last person alive that Petito lived with before disappearing. Filed Under: Mommy Gabby Petito Signs

The signals Gabby sends

The signals Gabby sends
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It was Petito’s stepfather, Jim Schmidt, who admitted to the media that Gabby was sending them clear signals and that they will not stop in the search and will continue to advance to find the true culprit of the 22-year-old’s death. The man pointed out that as a family they have come together and their main priority is to obtain justice for Petito.

The Sun mentioned that Nicole went on to say that they were driving behind a car with a Wyoming sticker and the letters “GBZ” on the license plate, as an example of the signals their daughter has sent them. She thinks so, because Gabby’s body was found in Wyoming and the letter references Gabby’s nickname: “gabz“.

A message for Laundrie

  gabby messages

At the press conference held at her attorney’s office in New York, they criticized Gabby’s fiancé, Brian Laundrie, who has been missing for more than three weeks and has been labeled by police as a “person of interest.” But not only Brian got a few words from Petito’s family, but also his parents, for being ‘covering up’ for him.

“The Laundries didn’t help us find Gabby, they won’t help us find Brian,” they said at the press conference. In addition, they made a special request for the man who was the boyfriend of the deceased youtuber, sending him to tell Laundrie to turn himself in to the FBI or the nearest police.

Laundrie’s search will be narrowed

Petito promised search: Search changed

It was reported that the search for Brian Laundrie will be narrowed down by North Port police officers this Monday morning. The authorities withdrew from the entrance to the Carlton reservation, after spending days combing the site and looking for different clues as to the man’s whereabouts.

This news is released after Gabby Petito’s funeral was held yesterday on Long Island. What the police are trying to achieve is to focus on the areas of interest and thus do more in-depth work, ensuring that they can find the fugitive who has been missing for a couple of weeks.

They won’t stop until they find it

Petito promised search: They won't stop until they find it

A week after finding Gabby Petito’s skeletal remains, the authorities focused on looking for the young youtuber’s fiancé, Brian Laundrie, who is considered a person of interest and who has an arrest warrant for using Petito’s debit card with ‘unauthorized use’ generating a purchase of $ 1,000 dollars.

According to the news outlet, search teams have been combing the Carlton Reservation for Laundrie for more than a week. Although the search has not borne fruit, investigators hope with a new tactic to find the whereabouts of Brian Laundrie.

The search was narrowed

Petito promised search: Search was shortened

Fox 4, commented that the North Port Police Department says searches are narrowing and will now focus on areas based on specific evidence. This situation was announced after the FBI decided to take over the investigation led by local police.

However, North Port Police will continue to assist with the Brian Laundrie investigation. They believe it is convenient to continue in the active search, even if the FBI agents are the ones who lead the case to find the main suspect in the death of Gabby Petito; Maybe it has something to do with the evidence the agents found at Laundrie’s house.

Police withdrew from the Carlson Reserve

Petito promised search: "Could be there"

Although they announced that the FBI would be in charge of the investigation into the reservation where they believe Brian Laundrie is located, the North Port police appear to have made their first move leaving the reservation entrance and focusing on the points where they believe they will be able to obtain more evidence of Laundrie’s whereabouts.

After a weekend of continuous searching Brian LaundrieIt’s a different scene outside of Carlton Reserve this morning. There are no officers outside the entrance. The police of North Port says searches are shrinking and will be evidence-based ‘targeting areas’. ”Reporter Calvin Lewis announced via social media

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