The Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) formalized with the company Andritz, together with Mexican Generators, Hydroproject of Mexico and International Energy Systemsal, the contract to modernize and repower nine hydroelectric plants, whose work began on November 30 so that the repowered plants come into operation throughout 2023 and early 2024.

With the modernization of the plants that are the object of the contract in question, the capacity will be increased by 248 megawatts and the estimated annual generation of Additional 1,754 gigawatts hours, which is equivalent to generating energy from five wind farms o de seven 100 megawatt photovoltaic parks.

Said award process began on July 30, 2021, when the CFE published the tender. CFE-0001-CASAA-0008-2021 regarding Modernization in the first hydroelectric plants of the Integral Plan: Belisario Domínguez (“Angostura”), Humaya, Infiernillo, Mazatepec, Malpaso, Ángel Albino Corzo (“Peñitas”), Ing. Carlos Ramírez Ulloa (“El Caracol”), Ing Fernando Hiriart Balderrama (“Zimapán”) and La Villita.

After a technical and economic evaluation, which presented savings against the initial budget, on November 19 the CFE issued the ruling in favor of the winning consortium that had no competitors since the only additional contestant who appeared was in breach of several clauses of the bidding conditions.

The state company explained that since July 14, 2021, during the 44th Ordinary Session of the Board of Directors of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE), the Comprehensive Plan for the Modernization of Hydroelectric Power Plants was approved, with which the presidential instruction is executed to rescue the country’s hydroelectric plants.

With the Comprehensive Plan it is intended that those hydroelectric plants that have decreased their reliability and useful life of their main equipment will have their useful life increased for 50 more years, taking advantage of their existing civil infrastructure; with which greater generation of clean and reliable energy is achieved to strengthen the National Electric System.

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