Mobility with zero emissions, the objective of Stellantis Mexico

The constant pace of the manufacturer in the first months of the year would make more than one think that the problems of supply and availability were in the past. Rafael Paz, Director of Jeep and Ram at Stellantis Mexico, advanced a good part of the launches for the following months without leaving aside the good times that the brand is experiencing.

“The first semester we had a very good performance with a growth of 22% over last year despite a 3% drop in the industry. All our models show growth against last year, even March was a very good month because we had 2 sales records. Both Wrangler and Renegade had their best month ever. This is a very important achievement because, for example, Renegade is in a segment where it has 20 competitors, and its positioning is Premium, and we must consider that it is very close to redesign. All this tells us how well it is working. And in the case of Wrangler, even though we have come up with a strong competitor, setting a sales record right now speaks volumes about our customers’ preference for Wrangler.”

The product offensive considers each of the models that Jeep currently markets in Mexico and the number of launches guarantees that the brand will attract headlines in the motor sector.

“With Renegade we are about to launch the Night Eagle edition that comes with black finished wheels, two-tone roof and black interiors. For the Year/Model change, we bring -around the month of August- an important redesign. In addition to the visual changes such as a new grille, lights, an interior redesign, the most important thing is the new engine that will significantly improve its segment. The engine will be a 1.3-liter turbo with 185 horsepower. A vehicle that, in addition to being very nice, will be better equipped and with greater security features that we call ADAS. For Compass, in the middle of the year, we bring a special version that we will launch in the middle of the year and that is called Red, which will have a special tone never before offered and that will be part of the strategy that we call ‘Drive the colors’, and that we will present it later. Also for December we will have a change of engines for the Year / Model 2023, and the 2-liter turbo engine will be added to the 1.3-liter turbo that I mentioned before. At Wrangler we have just launched the Rubicon version with Sky Freedom in the color Tuscadero and we will soon have the Rubicon Sun Rider. In general we are offering equipment that we did not have before and color combinations that we had not offered, and it is basically a base version where we add equipment that we had not brought before in order to make it unique. At Wagooner, the Long Wheel Base versions will arrive, with which we will have total coverage of the large suv segment.”

But it will be the most beloved and well-known suv in our country that will mark the beginning of the road to electrification.

“For the 2023 Grand Cherokee Year/Model change we will launch the 4xe versions. Let’s remember that today we have the Mild Hybrid versions in Wrangler that we could classify as the initial step towards electrification, however, we will go one step further with these versions and start with Grand Cherokee. In addition to all the capabilities of the Jeep and Grand Cherokee, it will come equipped with a 2-liter, turbocharged, 4-cylinder engine with two electric motors. Power is 357 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of torque. Its autonomy in electric mode is 40 kilometers, which is enough for the daily activities of almost anyone. For a longer distance and in a combined mode, the autonomy reaches up to 712 kilometers. It will maintain the 8-speed automatic transmission, 4×4 traction, the Quadra Lift air suspension with 5 height levels, among others, and in general it does not lose any equipment”.

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