Miss Raisa, Catalan rapper and TikTok Diversity Award: “I’m a good person, veiled and unveiled”

  • The author of ‘Rap de los Comuns’ sung by Colau stands up to discrimination for being a woman, immigrant and Muslim with rhymes

  • This year he will publish a collection of poems and his first manifesto

Miss Raisa she wants to sing and be heard loudly. With his lyrics, the alter ego of Imane Raissali (Tangier, 1996) stands up to discrimination and prejudice for being a woman, an immigrant and a Muslim, and for wearing a veil, to those who criticize her for shaping her thoughts and channeling what she feels through her videos, for setting herself up proud, free and empowered. And for inviting other young women to feel the same way. But it wasn’t always like that: “When I arrived in Barcelona at the age of 8, I had a rather introverted personality and it was difficult for me to socialize. Over time I questioned why I couldn’t be happy having all the characteristics that I have, if I’m a good girl, I try good to people, I pursue what I like, I build my objectives and my goals… Now I am a woman proud of my origins, of where I belong, but above all of the woman I have become. I am not a patriot or nationalist, the flags matter very little to me, but I do care about culture, respect and education, and what I can contribute to society”.

in your account TikTok -with almost half a million fans- talks about what she wants: Muslim culture, wearing a veil (she has an incredible collection, of all colors and textures), how she enjoys Christmas, how she puts on makeup those huge black eyes, of Moroccan fashion, of inclusion, of peace and love, of brothers…

A message that sticks

That is why in the 1st Annual Creators Talent Awards ‘You don’t know everything about TikTok’, held at the end of December, won the category of Diversity and inclusion. “If I hadn’t succeeded in this category, I would have been excited to take the ‘Education’ category because I love making videos responding to people, their doubts; doing live shows… it’s an opportunity for me to test reality…” . In the teleMiss Raisa, who gave herself that artistic name two years ago, when she opened a profile on social networks, because that’s what her “super cool” Biology teacher called her in third year of ESO, has also made some first steps. Last October he won the three ‘yeses’ from the jury of ‘Got Talent’, including that of the implacable Risto Mejide. Her message got through: “I can be Spanish and Muslim, I don’t want to feel discriminated against.” But also his performance.

Born in Morocco 25 years ago, Miss Raisa has Urban music in Spanish and Catalan. He liked how some boys rehearsed in the schoolyard and thought of imitating them and American artists like Lil Wayne: “I also wanted that attitude, not being afraid or ashamed.”

His beginnings were timid, but he hit the ball with ‘A girl’ (recorded in the river park of Besòs and with more than half a million reproductions in Youtube), and reached the ears of the current mayor of Barcelona. “The party’s communication director contacted me, he told me that they really liked what I was doing. In fact Ada Colau followed me on Instagramalthough I didn’t even know it. They told me that they would be very excited if I did a song for them. I had carte blanche to write what I wanted”, explains the artist. The ‘Rap dels Comuns, Let’s make the impossible possible‘, for the last election campaign, went viral. “It talks about social problems, the pandemic and promoting unity and cooperation among all… It was a pretty cool song, really. I’m happy,” says Miss Raisa, who shares shots with Colau in the clip.

His last incursion has been ‘Proud‘ (proud), in Catalan and for the second time together with the Sabadellian In the C, Y ‘I feel’, where she claims that “since she was little she has been tired of so much scum”. Has a lot of followers -“they tell me that I am a reference because I have helped them to stop being afraid”-, but it has also accumulated hundreds of ‘haters’. “They have come to wish me dead, simply for making music as a woman, Muslim and veiled; or simply for living in Spain, a territory that they think belongs to them and, therefore, as an immigrant I cannot be here developing and building my life”. What studies third year of psychology, the practices are done with them, with those who fuck her on the networks. He always answers them with infinite patience and education. “Really, I don’t think anyone hates me, but they do hate what I represent, they hate what I do, it makes them angry how I move and how I look for life. What these people have is a problem with themselves. But it’s more easier to throw up poop on others than to face your own problems,” he replies.

Claiming weapon

The veil she has been wearing since she was a teenager is “totally protesting”. “I am a good person, with or without a veil. my values ​​are the same. Clothes don’t make you better or worse. It is a sign of identity. I’m telling them: ‘Here comes the morita, whom you normally insult, who is going to put you in your place with all the respect and all the humility in the world.’ And that breaks their heads, because they don’t expect you to speak Catalan and Spanish. But I’ve been here all my life! Not that you have studies. But yes, I have tried to take advantage of the few resources that we had in my family to train myself as a person, something that my parents have always insisted on,” he says.

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While the race is out, Miss Raisa does not stop. She has even had to leave her job as a project technician in the company she was in to achieve everything she has set out to do. In November he began recording a EP with five songs, has closed seven concerts for this spring in different neighborhoods of Barcelona, and some more in Madrid and Bilbao, and she is immersed in the writing of her second book. “Me first book, due out in April with Penguin Random House, is from poetic reflections. And the second, a manifest in which I am basically going to vomit everything I think about issues that are essential to me, such as the role of women in society, youth, types of discrimination, love, hate, hypocrisy…” , tells about the title, which will be released in Planeta in the last quarter.

“Every time I want to focus more on books and I would also like to do a ‘podcast’. They say that I have a very radio voice,” says the veiled Catalan rapper proudly.


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