Misconduct | The three athletes you would like to spend an evening with

Last Sunday, we asked you which three athletes (dead or alive) would you invite to spend an evening. Here are some of the many responses we received.

My answer will be short and simple. I would invite three athletes who have dominated their respective sports and who have been resilient throughout their careers. I would offer them an excellent beef tartare for dinner accompanied by a green salad and beets. My guests would be Tom Brady, Mario Lemieux and Lindsey Vonn. If I could resurrect him, I would also invite Jean Béliveau to this table. A special mention to Pierre Harvey, to whom I have deep admiration.

Jean Plamondon


Muhammad Ali in 1973

It’s hard to pick three athletes out of all the greats, but for me it would be Muhammad Ali, Vince Lombardi and Maurice Richard. Ali and Richard fought in their own way against injustices against their people while being athletes in a class of their own. Lombardi knew how to get the most out of his teams and became an icon of American football.

Dino Quinto


Nadia Comaneci in 2017

For my part, I would love to share a good meal on a terrace in Italy with Nadia Comaneci, Usain Bolt and Mikaela Shiffrin, three super athletes who have dominated their sport and who come from three countries with very different cultures. It would make for a very eclectic encounter. These three athletes have marked my imagination for all sorts of reasons. I am the same age as Comaneci and I witnessed her exploits in Montreal in 1976. She grew up in a country marked by war. Bolt flew over the athletics tracks like a supersonic plane while bringing incredible national pride to the Jamaican people. And Shiffrin rewrites the alpine skiing record book in virtually every World Cup event. These three would have a lot to tell each other and I would be the privileged witness of a magical evening with a good typical Italian meal and plenty of water!

Yves Lahaie


Roger Federer

First of all, I would love to have some good times, whatever form it takes, with the tall, magnificent and elegant Roger Federer, my idol! Second, Yvan Cournoyer. Nothing very original, you might say, but he was my favorite player when I was around fifteen. He wasn’t anything to write home about, but he was there at the right time when he was needed. Third, Andre De Grasse, a friendly sprinter running next to Usain Bolt at the Rio Olympics. What an athlete!

Johanne Dupuis


Babe Ruth

I would like to hear incredible anecdotes, verify legends and hearsay. So… 1-Babe Ruth. Baseball being my favorite and most legendary sport. Babe would have so much to tell about his exploits, about Ty Cobb, the “called shot”, 1919, all with a little mustard, of course. 2-Jesse Owens. It’s hard to find a more memorable moment than his snub to Hitler. Hearing this experience firsthand would be unique. I hesitated between Jackie Robinson and Satchel Paige. 3-Andre The Giant. Who else ? He has traveled the world many times surrounded by the most eccentric and unpredictable athletes. He is a true legend in his own right. I would especially like to hear from the man, this gentle giant that all his peers respected so much. One thing is certain, if I pay, we will go to an all-you-can-eat buffet and open bar !

Eric Parenteau


Ken Dryden

I would invite Ken Dryden first. A practically perfect career, but very short. He’s almost the Mario Lemieux of goaltenders. But also, what life he led after his time with the Habs. An intelligent and cultured man, I would love to discuss virtually any topic with him! Next, I’m going to be controversial, but I’d like to have Lance Armstrong at the table. Doping and cheating in sport have always fascinated me, I have read a lot about cycling and cheaters and I believe that a real one-on-one with Lance, without the pressure of the media and appearances, would would be informative, interesting and true. Finally, I would also like to share a meal with this Greek who, the first, ran 42 kilometers to announce victory at the Battle of Marathon. I would like to know how it feels to have inspired such discipline.

Felix Laflamme


Guy Lafleur and Bobby Orr in 1973

Guy Lafleur, Gilles Villeneuve and Bobby Orr for everything they were able to achieve and accomplish. I would have a lot of questions, especially regarding the path of their respective careers.

Pierre Paquin


Leylah Fernandez

Because they are inspiring, efficient and human: Leylah Fernandez, Marie-Philip Poulin and Kim Clavel.

Celine Brossard


Boxer Joe Frazier in Montreal in 1971

First on my list would be “Smokin” Joe Frazier who was overshadowed by Muhammad Ali. For his personal life, where he worked in the cotton fields. He supported Ali when the latter lost his license, then was the first to defeat him in one of the best fights in boxing history. Not to mention their third fight which demonstrates how far an athlete’s will can take. My second guest would be Lance Armstrong. Despite everything we might think of him, he remained an immense athlete and he had iron morale. The last is Maurice Richard, who remained human despite everything he may have represented.

Christian Roy

reference: www.lapresse.ca

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