The minister responsible for seniors, Marguerite Blais, is on forced rest for a month.

Ms Blais has long suffered from sharp leg pain caused by a mysterious virus, and she has no choice but to rest for at least four weeks, following her doctor’s advice.

She informed the Prime Minister Francois Legault Tuesday. During his sick leave, it is the Minister of Health, Christian Dubé, who will have to supervise his files.

In June, Minister Blais tabled Bill 101, aimed at combating elder abuse. The bill must go through all the stages leading to its adoption this fall.

It was not possible to know if the Minister will have to undergo surgery or to learn what sort of treatment she will have to undergo in the coming weeks.

Her leg pain started about a year ago, occasionally forcing her to use crutches or a wheelchair. Her office did not want to indicate what diagnosis she had received.

Media claimed on Tuesday that she was instead suffering from burnout, which her cabinet formally denied.

Minister Blais, who will be 71 in September, will therefore miss the start of the parliamentary term on September 14 and the three-day caucus that will precede it in order to plan the work of the next parliamentary session.

His temporary withdrawal from political life will also prevent him from participating in the series of announcements planned soon related to the construction of seniors’ homes. The planned shovelful announcements will not be canceled, but local MPs will take over.

At a press conference in the morning in Amos, Abitibi, Prime Minister Legault was reassuring, saying that his minister’s health problems were nothing to worry about and were only temporary.

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“It’s a problem that is temporary. Marguerite has small problems. She has to be away for a month, ”he commented, adding that her condition“ is not worrying ”.

Prime Minister Legault was in Amos to announce the installation of a Blue Space in the old courthouse of this city, at a cost of $ 25 million. Such Espaces Bleus, places devoted to local history and funded by the government, will be created in the 17 regions of Quebec, under the supervision of the Musée de la civilization.

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