Minister Belarra accuses PP and Vox of using ETA victims as “throwing weapons”

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The Minister of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda, Ione Grass, has accused this Saturday PP to use victims of terrorism as “throwing weapon” in what he has described as “political servility of what he does Vox“.

The Secretary General of United We can has made these demonstrations in the book Fair when asked about the acts called by the PP in the Country Basque this Saturday, a day in which the Sare citizen network has held rallies after calling off the march in support of the ETA’s release from prison Henri Parot, responsible for 39 murders.

“I would like to appeal to all forces not to make use of the victims, who cannot be a thrown weapon against the political enemy and, unfortunately, the PP is doing that too many times, a bit in a servility absolute of what it does Vox“Belarra stressed.

After remarking that United We can always bet “on the path of peace”, the minister has urged “all sectors” to work together “in the construction of a path that is never easy” and in which Spanish citizens, especially the Basque and Navarrese, “have been working for a long time,” he added. .

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