Since Compañía Minera Cuzcatlán (CMC) settled in Oaxaca, it has committed itself to the efficient use of water, so in 2008 it identified an alternative water source that would allow it not to use fresh water and contribute to the environment: the Water Treatment Plant. Wastewater (WWTP) located in the municipality of Ocotlán de Morelos.

This plant has been a sustainable solution for that municipality and for the San José mining unit for more than 10 years. For this, since 2010 a renewable agreement was signed for 15 years with the municipality of Ocotlán to remodel and operate the WWTP, in exchange for the use of gray wastewater for said mining operation.

This is achieved thanks to an investment of approximately 20 million pesos injected by CMC for its rehabilitation, under a loan scheme and that allowed this plant to be one of the only two water treatment plants that operate with high efficiency in the state of Oaxaca and that they produce water of sufficient quality for reuse.

80% of the volume of treated water is reused in the processes of Compañía Minera Cuzcatlán and the rest is reused for public services in the municipality of Ocotlán such as the irrigation of community green spaces and the supply of bathrooms, in the municipal market.

Today the WWTP, in addition to being a source of employment, is no longer an environmental or public health problem for the municipality of Ocotlán de Morelos. The polluted waters are no longer discharged into the Atoyac river as was the case before CMC managed and operated the plant, they are now completely contained and treated in accordance with international standards. In addition, the health hazards arising from pollution have been eliminated and there are no more floods caused by its operation.

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This type of initiative shows that collaboration between governments and private initiative generates benefits for both companies and the environment and communities. For CMC, the PTAR represents guaranteeing the availability of water for its operations, avoiding the exploitation and depletion of the aquifer and at the same time contributing in a concrete way to contribute to goal 6 of the United Nations Organization’s Sustainable Development Goals, corresponding to Clean Water and Sanitation.

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