Military plane or TV-plane?

Emotions are altered during times of war. Information is targeted for destruction. “One more century of journalism and all words will stink”, wrote Nietzsche in 1882. Five more years of social networks and lies will be the dominant political system in the world.

In 2022, social networks allow the alteration of information through a combination of real notes, unreal notes, opinions covered with information, hashtags Invented out of nowhere, opinion-makers who could not locate Ukraine on a map or know the history of Russia, but believe that they project long lights in the middle of the darkness, and a long etcetera. The media offer observes an audience that swarms between the ignorance of what triggers the conflict in Ukraine and the emotions that alter their mood.

The demand for content in Spanish, that is, made in Mexico, reacts when families of Mexicans want to leave Ukraine.

A military plane was sent by the government of President López Obrador to Romania to facilitate the return of Mexican families. So far, very well for the consular services of the Mexican embassy in Ukraine for their organization.

The Mexican military plane traveled to Romania without humanitarian aid, but with journalists. One does not act with discretion and seriousness in times of war. It acts with the aim of looking for emotions to dose them to the audiences; Applause for the work of Secretary Marcelo Ebrard and President AMLO.

Peña Nieto also did it when he sent secretary Claudia Ruiz Massieu to Egypt to bring a group of tourists to Mexico that was attacked in the desert by military planes of the Egyptian dictator. It was not enough to have an embassy in Cairo, it was necessary to put on a show. Upon arrival at the Mexico City airport, television broadcast live the arrival of the wounded, on a stretcher, and with them Claudia Ruiz Massieu.

Yesterday, television stations began broadcasting tears of emotion from relatives of Mexicans who will soon fly to Mexico City.

The Foreign Ministry took journalists on the military plane not to explain from Ukraine what is happening on the battlefield. They were taken to Romania to write emotional notes in Spanish narrated by Mexicans.

Daniel Millán, sent by Ebrard to Romania, told MVS the following: “We know of two families of Mexicans who crossed through Poland; there was the very dramatic case whose family was allowed to go through quickly, but it took him something like 60 hours to get through.”

“Very dramatic case.” The narration speaks of the drama as a rare evil, and not as what it is, the everyday.

Let’s not be wrong. The focus of the attacks is Ukraine, not Romania.

Reality is not altered.

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Fausto Pretelin Munoz de Cote

Consultant, academic, editor

Globali… what?

He was a research professor in the Department of International Studies at ITAM, published the book Referendum Twitter and was an editor and collaborator in various newspapers such as 24 Horas, El Universal, Milenio. He has published in magazines such as Foreign Affairs, Le Monde Diplomatique, Life & Style, Chilango and Revuelta. He is currently an editor and columnist at El Economista.

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