Military court begins for Edmonton reservist accused of making racist remarks

A court-martial began Monday for an Edmonton reservist accused of making racist remarks, as well as observing fellow reservists while they showered.

Cpl. Gordan Reid, a combat engineer, is charged with four counts under the National Defense Act: two counts of cruel or shameful conduct and one of each of subordinate abuse, and conduct of prejudice to good order and discipline.

The charges follow a series of three alleged incidents at the Debney Armory in Edmonton that took place in June 2019.

Reid is accused of observing a fellow reservist in the shower and later ordering a reservist to shower with him.

He is also accused of making racist remarks about a native Canadian to a native reservist in a separate incident.

Reid pleaded not guilty to all four charges on Monday.

The court-martial proceedings were scheduled for two weeks.

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