Militarization of migration policy represents a threat to human rights, warn social organizations

The militarization of immigration policyas well as the participation of the military in migratory surveillance and review functions, represents a threat to the rights of thousands of people and has deepened the risk contexts of migrants, who are forced to travel through clandestine routes, making them more vulnerable to different types of violations and crimes, is part of the report’s conclusions “Under the Boot: Militarization of immigration policy in Mexico“, carried out by various social organizations.

According to the report, almost three years after the participation of the military was increased to contain the migratory flow, the balance in terms of human rights It is devastating, because through field work on the northern and southern borders, 100 testimonies and 144 responses to requests for public information, they were able to identify various abuses and excessive use of force by elements of the National Guardmilitary and Migration’s national instituteagainst groups of migrants, asylum seekers, refugees, as well as other people in vulnerable situations.

In addition to the fact that migrants face different types of human rights violations and crimes, such as forced disappearances, kidnappings, extortion, human trafficking and corruption, as well as racial and ethnic discrimination, extreme weather conditions and accidents.

In the case of arbitrary and illegal detentions, it was said that it is one of the most worrying issues, since it was identified that the National Guard perpetrates arbitrary detentions, often based on racial profiling, also participating in collective expulsions, contrary to international law. of human rights, which are added to a context of xenophobic narratives and other forms of discrimination.

Likewise, the document evidenced the violence to which the migrant women and Afro-descendant and African asylum seekers in their transit through Mexico, as they have been victims of practices of sexual violence intertwined with anti-black racism, committed by members of the National Guard and other military and police forces.

In addition to documenting cases of migrant women and asylum seekers who were victims of rape, harassment and intimidation by elements of the National Guard.

On the other hand, it was accused that Mexico has opted for the implementation of a migration policy without a human rights approach, making use of the National Guard and other military bodies as a migration control apparatus, even when this goes against the provisions immigration regulations.

The report, prepared by Foundation for Justice and the Democratic Rule of Law (FJEDD), Without Borders IAP, Comprehensive Human Rights in Action (DHIA), Derechoscopio, Uno de Siete Migrando and Instituto para las Mujeres en la Migrando (IMUMI), urges the express elimination of detention of women from all public policies related to human mobility. migrants.

This by pointing out that the deprivation of liberty should only be applied when strictly necessary and duly substantiated in the particular circumstances of the case and, in no case should children or adolescents or asylum seekers be detained.

In addition to urging the INM be demilitarized and take pertinent measures to eliminate discrimination in the public service related to migrants, asylum seekers or refugees, in particular discrimination based on gender and race and related forms of intolerance.


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