Miguel Ríos leads a ‘La Marató’ album with 30 songs and 16 genres

TV-3’s ‘La Marató’ wanted to celebrate its 30th anniversary as such an important event deserves: with an album that brings together 30 songs performed by artists such as Miguel Ríos (‘Hymn of joy’), Luis Fonsi (‘Together we will fight for life’), Sergio Dalma (‘Life’) and Ana Mena with Owls (‘Volcanoes’), and a book that, in addition to the testimonies of the subject on which it focuses this year, mental illnesses, collects the testimonies of doctors and patients of the editions held to date. The CD can be purchased with 10 general newspapers (including four from Prensa Ibérica: El Periódico de Catalunya, Diari de Girona, Regió 7 y Sport), the Sunday, 28, at the price of 12 euros. In digital format on the tv-3 online store, as of Monday, 29 and on Apple and ‘streaming‘until January 31. The book, edited by Catalan Encyclopedia, can be found in bookstores too at 12 euros.

The physical format of the album is made up of two CDs, the Disc Blau and the Disc Blanc, colors that usually characterize ‘La Marató’, and 30 songs that symbolize 30 years. All of them, versions of great melodies by 16 different genres, with lyrics whose theme connects with the disease that the edition occupies, Mental health, but also celebrating 30 years. A) Yes, 18 of them, new and newly produced, they talk about the hope, joy, the energy, value…, while the others 12 are songs what came out in the 17-year history of the album, but reversionadas by new artists, both young and established.

All are Catalan versions of musicians like Robin Williams, Beethoven, Rod Steward, Lola Indigo, Camilo Sexto and Los Chunguitos, among others, and among the 16 musical styles are both the crooner, rock and pop like rap, reggaeton and the classical music. “It has been a great pleasure to sing in Catalan”, says Miguel Ríos, who had already done it on another occasion in the days of Nova Cançó, “but this has been more enjoyable” because it is for a good cause, with which he can give back ” to society what it has given me. “

Artists for all tastes

In addition to those mentioned, the list of artists is completed Antonio Carmona and Lucas Carmona (‘Because you never cry like that’), Alfred Garcia (‘Help me’), Samantha (‘To arrive’), Jon Dausà (‘Iolanda’), Kelly Issauah and The Sey Sisters (‘When a person is loved’), Lucía Fernanda (‘I always stay with you’), Sílvia Peréz Cruz (‘Everything you give me’), OBK (‘Heaven does not understand’), Joan Garrido and The Global Band (‘The Angels’), Mau & Ricky (‘If you shake my hand’), Flashy Ice Cream (‘I’m no longer afraid of you’), Arnau Griso (‘I ask God’) and Maria Rodes (‘Someone told me’).

And also Salva Rocero and Yoly Saa (‘With you I will dream’), Roba Estesa (‘You can count on me’), Miquel Abras (‘My songs are free’), Ayala (‘You will be in my heart’), Caïm Riba and Gemma Humet (‘Navigating’), Gertrudis (‘Aelgria’), Dorian (‘Dust in the wind’), Vienna (‘When everything takes off’), Without salt (‘Color of hope’), Marala, Guillem Roma and Eduard Iniesta (‘You will never walk alone ‘, Clara Gispert, David Ros and the Camera Musicae Symphony Orchestra (‘ Don’t Give Up, Don’t Give Up ‘) and Fat geese (‘Que tingem comes out’).

Àngel Lacalle, director of the La Marató ‘Disc, proudly comments: “In the last nine years it has been the best-selling album in absolute figures in Spain for a whole year, and that is only sold in Catalonia.” And he adds that in the last eight seasons it has been the best-selling phonogram in the world in a single day. And it has led digital sales in Europe. “It has been in the top 20 for a month,” he says, recalling that between 2005 and 2019 dr have sold 2,555,000 copies and that although no longer cars and computers have disk drives for CDs, they are still sold in physical format: “The CD does not go out of style. It’s like vinyl,” he says.

A commemorative book

As for the book, from which it is published this year the 14th edition, will be commemorating the 30 years of the ‘solidarity telethon‘, with information about what it has meant during this time and an emotional part in which the testimonies of the different topics discussed that represented it at the time are collected. An interview with Àlex Marquina and Camil Roca, advertising creatives responsible for the campaigns, as well as the testimonies of three well-known characters: Ona Carbonell, leader of the Spanish team of artistic swimming; the journalist and writer Empar Moliner and journalist Xavier Grasset, who talk about what ‘La Marató’ has meant for them. Likewise, two mental health specialists, doctors Eduard VIeta and Àurea Moreno help to understand this complex world, and photographer and philologist Leila Amat, who suffers from borderline personality disorder, explains how art has helped him. “It is a collector’s book, hardcover and sanded paper. A book to give away”, says Ester Pujol, editor-in-chief of Enciclopèdia Catalana.

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Both the disc and the book are accompanied by QR codes with more content. In the case of the disc, it allows free access to Apple Music in streaming. In the second, you can see the spots of these 30 years, images of the songs in these 17 years, the posters and the lyrics of the songs. With the book’s QR code you can remember these 30 years of ‘La Marató’ through its ads and books.

Record figures

The figures for the Disc de La Marató are record-breaking. Between 2005 and 201, it has been the best-selling album with 2,555,000 copies, which has meant an income for research of 9.1 million euros, between 2005 and 2020. During these 17 years that have been published, a total of 431 artists (including 2021), 331 songs have been recorded (including this edition as well), of which 253 have been adapted for the first time into Catalan. Likewise, of the 431 artists, 70% were Catalan-speaking and 149 did so for the first time in this language.


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