Miguel Enrique Salguero, arrested 9 years after a murder


  • Authorities confirmed the arrest of Miguel Enrique Salguero.
  • Miguel Enrique Salguero for being captured for his alleged connection to the murder of a university student nine years ago.
  • A DNA test allowed an arrest warrant to be issued against the now suspect almost a decade after the crime.

Sometimes justice takes time, but it always comes. A man identified as Miguel Enrique Salguero Olivares was arrested for his alleged connection to the savage murder of a university student nine years ago in the United States.


Miguel Enrique Olivares, 28, of North Carolina, was arrested and charged with first degree murder on Thursday, September 16, nine years after the murder of a student at the University of North Carolina (UNC). English) in Chapel Hill, Orange County, reported Fox News.

The student was beaten to death


Victim Faith Hedgepeth, a 19-year-old University of North Carolina sophomore, was found beaten to death and possibly raped in her off-campus apartment in September 2012.

The young woman was naked from the waist down and leaning against her bed in a pool of blood, according to Fox 8 in High Point, North Carolina. A note was also found near her body that said: “I’m not stupid b … jealous.”

Miguel Enrique Salguero is arrested nine years after the crime

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Now, almost a decade later, Miguel Enrique Salguero, who was also 19 at the time, was arrested Thursday after his DNA matched some samples collected at the scene of the tragic crime.

However, Miguel Enrique Salguero was not a suspect at the beginning of the investigation, said Celisa Lehew, assistant to the Chapel Hill police chief, in a press conference on Thursday, September 16, the newspaper said. The Hill.

Miguel Enrique Salguero remains detained without the right to bail

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Following his arrest, Miguel Enrique Salguero was booked into the Durham County Jail without bail. Officials have not provided a motive for the savage murder, the Fox News report said.

“I did nothing but cry and thank God and praise God,” said the mother of the victim Faith Hedgepeth, identified as Connie Hedgepeth, after learning of the suspect’s arrest. “When I cried, they were tears of joy, tears of relief to learn that someone had been arrested in the case.”

Miguel Enrique Salguero’s mother assures that her “son is not a murderer”

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For her part, the mother of Miguel Enrique Salguero, who was not identified in the report, said that she does not believe that her son killed the university student. “My son is not a murderer. I believe in my son. I believe him, ”he reiterated to WRAL-TV in Raleigh. “He said he doesn’t know the girl.”

However, Miguel Enrique Salguero’s DNA coincided with some samples collected through semen found at the crime scene and a composite description made entirely through DNA, the media detailed. Fox 8.

Follow the investigation

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“This investigation is not complete. Our work is not finished, ”Lehew said, according to The Hill’s report. “We will continue to work on this case until all leads have been extinguished and parties that have a role or have knowledge of this tragedy are brought to justice.”

The Wral-TV portal mentioned that it asked the police about the relationship between the young university student and the suspect Miguel Enrique Olivares, but said he could not comment on it while the investigation was still active.

The night of the crime

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Faith Hedgepeth was last seen alive around 4:00 a.m. on September 7, 2012, when her roommate left her apartment located in Hawthorne at the View, on Old Durham Road, in Chapel Hill, Wral detailed. TV.

Autopsy reports revealed that she was beaten to death and suffered severe head injuries. In 2016, when the police released the autopsy report, it was shown that he had suffered extensive skull fractures and cuts to his face and head. She was also brutally beaten on the arms and legs.

They found semen at the crime scene

They found semen at the crime scene

According to the autopsy report, Wral-TV noted, the roommate returned approximately seven hours later to find Faith Hedgepeth “covered by a blanket on top of her slightly crooked mattress with large amounts of blood.”

Investigators found semen on Faith Hedgepeth, but have not said whether she had been sexually assaulted before she was killed. The DNA of the semen matched the male DNA that was found in other parts of the apartment, explained the report of the aforementioned media.

The threat the student received

The threat the student received

Several people were questioned at the time of Faith Hedgepeth’s death in 2012, with some offering DNA for analysis. At the beginning of the investigation, police initially focused their investigation on several men, including the ex-boyfriend of Faith’s roommate and a man with whom she was last seen outside a Chapel Hill nightclub hours before she died.

The court orders revealed that the police learned that the ex-boyfriend allegedly resented Faith for her influence over her roommate. Detectives say in the warrants that he told Faith that he was going to kill her if the roommate wasn’t with him again. However, the arrest of Miguel Enrique Salguero has now been announced as the main suspect.

The X Factor: Freddie Combs, one of the show’s most beloved singers, dies

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His powerful voice will be heard in another world. Freddie Combs, 49, one of the most beloved singers on the popular television talent show The X Factor, has died, confirmed his wife Katrina “Kay” Rife, according to several media reports.

Freddie Combs, remembered participant of The X Factor, died on Friday, September 10, his wife Kay announced just on Thursday, September 18 to the portal TMZ. The singer was one of the show’s fan favorite contestants during the second season of the famous singing competition.

Former X Factor star died

The X Factor 
Contestant Freddie Combs on The X Factor in September 2012. Photo: Getty Images

Kay revealed that the former star of The X Factor died due to kidney failure (kidney problem) and said that his death was not linked to Covid-19, according to TMZ, also quoted by the newspaper The Sun on Thursday afternoon.

Freddie Conbs was surrounded by family and friends at a Florida hospital at the time of his death. Grieved, his wife Kay commented that one day before he died, she knew he was about to die, but was happy to have had the opportunity to share that last day with him. For more information visit this note.


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