Miguel Bosé: “I had to survive a god and the most beautiful woman in the world”

Miguel Bosé he has ‘misguided’ his childhood and adolescence in a book, ‘The son of Captain Thunder’ (Espasa). And he does not compose a syrupy portrait. He talks about the disappointment of his father, the bullfighter Luis Miguel Dominguín – “I was a pushover that drove him crazy” -, from the bottom and the way of the breakdown of the marriage with Lucia Bosé, the subsequent economic hardship, the relationship with Picasso, the loss of virginity … A portion of privacy in 480 pages that will give for hours of debate.

Did it touch an exit from all possible closets?

The moment chooses you, you are not looking for it. As much as I sat in the past to try, it could not be.

For modesty?

Because the stories have to flow.

Have you gotten rid of a weight?

It is a generous gesture rather than therapy. I tell the story of a boy, Miguelito, and of a teenager that you had no news about because the media attention was focused on two gods. It is a beautiful memory, without grudges, without dirt. I had to survive as things happened.

In his relationship with his father things happened that we would classify as abuse.

Let’s see, if you want us to understand each other, put the right words and do not try to make yellow.

I do not pretend. He took him on safari to Mozambique when he was 10 years old because he was afraid he would come out “fag”.

There was no violence. There was no abuse. For the love of God!

He did not give him quinine, he fell ill with malaria and forced him to continue.

There was a lot of misunderstanding because I did not respond to the expectations of being like him: a hunter, a fisherman, a brute, a macho. He met a son who had a much more Lombard bloodline, more sensitive. Over time, the father realized that the son he wanted to reform had grown up and flown without ever asking him for anything. That was what dignified him.

“Over time, my father realized that the son he wanted to reform had grown up and flown without ever asking for anything. That dignified him”

Was Picasso the father figure he didn’t have?

Picasso was the grandfather. He was a person who made me feel important. I did not receive attention from anyone, and he gave it to me. When we talked about art in the summers, for example, I always asked myself: “And what is it for you?” He was interested in my opinion, everything I said was fascinating. He did not remember having been a child perhaps ever.

Nobody remembers that Lucía Bosé and her children went through hardships.

In that Spain many families had to keep up appearances. If you had and stopped having, you had to pretend and you had to lie. And we, after the separation of my parents, we lived it. When they told me “you have to pretend”, I asked what that was. He didn’t have enough malice to walk a tightrope between truth and lies. It was horribly unpleasant.

“When they told me ‘you have to pretend’, I asked what that was. It was horribly disgusting.”

Did all that leave a mark?

Of course. Layer after layer, geologically, everything shaped my personality. But it was more important to survive the figures of a god in the Spain of the regime and of the most beautiful woman in the world, the bride of Italy, with the character of a tigress. The first thing was not to let yourself be drowned by those powerful personalities.

Did he make it, survive?

You tell me.

Emotionally, I say.

All that has been appeased. Things happen, sweeping away with all force and, when you turn your back on them and they walk away, you tell them: “Go well, pretty.” I no longer have blood to continue dragging problems. All I want is to simplify.

And confess that he lost his virginity to Amanda Lear at Dalí’s house?

[Ríe] I remember it fondly.


I will not tell more than what is in the book.

“My first love was a girl named Bárbara Blasco. We went hand in hand for communions saying that we were boyfriends”

He also tells that Helmut Berger, Luchino Visconti’s lover, was his first love.

My first love was a girl named Bárbara Blasco and today she is still a close friend. We went hand in hand for communions saying that we were dating.

I was referring to carnal love.

Do you think I’m going to tell you now?

You tell it in the book.

I count what comes out and if I don’t count more it is because I shouldn’t. It happened beautifully.

In any case, it is the first time that he has put his sexual orientation in writing.

They have told me that in Catalonia there is a storm, is it true?

Hearing. Do you think the book will have a restorative effect after a year of controversy?

I do not know what he’s talking about.

To the denial of the covid, to the judicial battle with his ex-partner …

Let each one interpret the book as they want. The same has happened to me with the songs. You can’t imagine the number of performances that triggered songs like ‘If you do not come back‘, one of the best known in my repertoire.

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Some correct version of you will want to project.

When things come out of you they no longer belong to you. I don’t want to handle wills.


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