Miguel Ángel Mellado, appointed deputy to the president: EL ESPAÑOL launches PORFOLIO

The president of EL LEON DE EL ESPAÑOL, SA, Pedro J. Ramirez, the publishing company of this newspaper, has appointed the journalist Miguel Angel Mellado attached to the presidency for the development of editorial projects.

With this newly created position, the president and director of EL ESPAÑOL is thus committed to promoting top-quality content, such as those that will be included in a new information space called PORFOLIO from next Sunday.

Mellado, until a few months ago the Information Director of our newspaper, returned home like this after a short period of rest. The journalist, with a long professional career in which he has created innovative publications in the Spanish press, understands the appointment as a great professional challenge.

The first editorial project of this new stage will materialize on Sunday, October 3. It will be called PORFOLIO and it will be a magazine within EL ESPAÑOL in which current issues will be addressed, with research on political, social, scientific and cultural content, as well as great interviews.

The stories and analysis of PORFOLIO will be published throughout the week and will be mostly prepared by a specific writing and with a more revised design.

Miguel Ángel Mellado has worked in numerous news media. Its most fertile stage was developed during 23 years in The world, with Pedro J. Ramírez as director. At this time he created supplements and magazines such as Chronicle, The Other Chronicle O I donate, and contributed to the development of other publications such as Telva, Metropolis O Out of series.

Pedro J. Ramírez considers the new position of deputy to the president strategic for new publishing projects.

In less than six years of existence, EL ESPAÑOL has ranked as the second most read newspaper in Spain in August, a short distance from the first, The vanguard, according to Comscore. In information through mobile phones, the medium by which more than 80% of daily information is consumed, EL ESPAÑOL has been the leader for the second consecutive month.

The publishing company of this newspaper is not satisfied with the privileged position it occupies by the number of users and readers. Hence, a new stage begins with the development of top quality content, as at the time happened with the incorporation of the economic portal Invertia or more recently with MagasIN, D + I, Wake Up Spain! o Enclave ODS.


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