Migrants who escaped from a plane at Palma airport threatened the crew to get out

Moroccan migrants who escaped from the plane at Palma airport they intimidated the crew to get away, as reflected in the order of the judge that decreed the entry into prison of 12 of the accused. Sources familiar with its content have confirmed that the commander decided not closing the open aircraft door in the face of threats from a part of the passenger, according to police inquiries. After more than half an hour of great tension on board, the group of 21 fugitives ended up shoving away. This use of force partially justifies the accusation of sedition that weighs on the accused.

The account of what happened since the Air Arabia Maroc plane landed in Son Sant Joan on Friday afternoon due to an alleged medical emergency also supports the suspicions that it was all part of a plan organized in advance. When the aircraft, which covered the route between Casablanca (Morocco) and Istanbul (Turkey), arrived in Mallorca and the false patient was transferred by ambulance to Son Llàtzer, several of the passengers they asked the crew to go down to the slopes. They said they wanted to smoke, but everything indicates that they were already trying to get out of the device to flee.

The refusal of the crew to let them out caused the tension to rise. The migrants rebuked and frightened the plane personnel, who came to fear an outbreak of violence. This situation led the captain to leave the doors of the aircraft open, while he waited for his departure from Palma to be authorized after refueling.

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The escape occurred about three quarters of an hour after the evacuation of the patient. The plane was not being watched by the security forces and suddenly a large group of passengers jumped out. A worker tried to contain them, but was run over and 21 people ended up forcibly exiting the device. They started running down the runways and jumped over a nearby fence to get out of the airport compound.

The judge highlights in the car, according to the same sources, the seriousness of the situation. The escape forced to close the airport for three hours, so dozens of flights were diverted or canceled. The magistrate understands that there is an obvious risk of flight to justify the imprisonment of the 12 suspects who, so far, have been arrested for crimes of sedition, public disorder and favoring irregular immigration. Security forces They are still looking for the other twelve involved. At least two of them managed to leave Mallorca on a boat bound for Barcelona in the hours following the incident at the airport.


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