Microsoft Store will soon allow users to access Amazon and Epic Game stores

Microsoft has revealed that it will soon allow third-party app stores to integrate into the Microsoft Store.

The first two digital stores to join the Microsoft Store are Amazon and Epic Game Stores, according to Microsoft.

“Today, we share that Amazon and Epic Games will bring their showcase apps to the Microsoft Store in the coming months, and we look forward to welcoming other stores as well in the future,” writes Giorgio Sardo, general manager, Microsoft Store. , in a recent version of Windows blog post.

Additionally, the blog post indicates that users will be able to quickly search for their desired store via Microsoft’s search icon or by browsing.

Microsoft says its store is also opening up to other browsers like Opera and Yandex, which are rivals of Microsoft’s own Edge browser. That being said, Chrome and Firefox are not yet on the Microsoft Store, and Steam and GOG are not part of this announcement either.

Microsoft says this update is part of a larger set of changes that come bundled with Windows 11, including Android applications that reach the operating system.

Source: Windows Blog Via: The edge

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