Microsoft promises Surface Duo will get Android 11 by the end of the year

Although a lot of attention has been paid to the shiny new Surface Duo 2 that Microsoft announced this week, some left the ad wondering about the original Duo.

I mean, will you ever get Android 11? It seems like a no-brainer: Microsoft is releasing Android 11 on the Duo 2, so it shouldn’t be difficult to bring it to the OG Duo as well. Right?

Well, the good news is that the Surface Duo will have Android 11 (yay!). The bad news? There is no official date for it, although Microsoft said The edge It would be before the end of the year:

“We remain committed to providing updates to the Surface Duo and are working to bring Android 11 to existing customers before the end of this year.”

While it’s nice to know that Android 11 is coming, there are still some unanswered questions. For one thing, we’re not sure what features and improvements Android 11 will bring to the Surface Duo. That said, Android 11 has native support for dual-screen devices, so that alone can significantly improve parts of the software experience.

The edge also points out that during your practice time With the Surface Duo 2, the multitasking system seemed largely unchanged with just a few minor tweaks. It’s unclear how much of that will make it to the Duo, or if it will fix the issue that has plagued the device since its launch.

There is also concern about how long it took Microsoft to bring Android 11 to the original Duo. It’s not uncommon for Android phone makers to roll out a major update about a year after Google’s annual update cadence, but when you pay the amount of money Microsoft charges for the Duo or Duo 2, that shouldn’t be the case. Hopefully, the Surface Duo update process isn’t indicative of the Duo 2.

Source: The edge

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