Due to the entry into force of the new labor provisions of Michoacan and in order for the employed population to know the guidelines, the state authorities announced that they will carry out the program “Dissemination Forums of the New Labor Justice System”.

At a press conference, the Undersecretary of Labor and Social Welfare of the Development Secretariat (Sedeco) local, Juan Pablo Puebla Arévalo, explained that there are five forums to be held and the main objective is to make known what the New Labor Justice System consists of.

The new provisions will come into force on Michoacan On October 3 of this year, for this reason, we are starting the operation of Conciliation Centers, as well as Labor Courts, in addition to new rules for the organization and organic life of unions”, he stressed.

Regarding the program of activities to be developed, Puebla Arévalo reported that they will begin on Wednesday, May 4 and will conclude on Friday, June 3; each event will take place in a different point of the Michoacan entity.

Precisely, on Wednesday, May 4, the forum will be held in Morelia, while on Friday, May 13, the second forum will be held in Uruapan, on Friday, May 20, in the municipality of Zamora, on May 27, it will be held in Lázaro Cárdenas, and for end June 3 Zitacuaro.

In addition, he revealed that several Regional Employment Fairs will also be held, where the aim is to increase the rate of job creation.

“A Regional Employment Fair will be held in Uruapan on Thursday, May 26, in which 500 vacancies will be offered; a massive delivery of employment contracts to beneficiaries of the Labor Mobility Program, as well as a business seminar called Inclusive Responsibility”, he deepened.


The undersecretary of Work and Social Welfare The state government announced that this month inspection operations of general working conditions in companies will be carried out.

He pointed out that the objective is to achieve the general formalization of workers in Michoacán.

“It is a situation that is not exclusive to a sector such as avocado, and although it began in this sector, export products such as berries and lemons will also be included, as part of the rule issued by the Trade Agreement between Mexico, the United States United and Canada. We are going to continue with inspections in workplaces because we want more people from Michoacán to have social security and formal jobs,” he said.

He assured that currently the aim is to improve working conditions in the field in coordination with the Government of Mexico and institutions such as the Mexican Institute of Social Security.

“The call by Sedeco is for Michoacán companies to catch up, provide social security to their workers and abide by what is established by the Federal Labor Law; the ultimate goal is not to sanction or fine, but to raise awareness and get us in line “, stressed Puebla Arevalo.


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