• The gastronomic ‘bible’ points out four new restaurants with two gimp and 27 with one, many of them in small towns

  • The list only appears as a Catalan ‘novelty’ Atempo, which actually retains the distinction after its transfer from Sant Julià de Ramis (Girona) to Barcelona

The Michelin guide 2022 has distributed a good portion of stars throughout the country: from provincial capitals to smaller towns such as Sagunt, Miranda de Ebro, Alcossebre, Torre de Juan Abad, Zarza de Granadilla … In total, four establishments have received the second and 27 have taken the first. There will be few corners that they have not reached. And one of them has been Catalonia, which triumphed in the 2021 edition and that in this he has not seen a single fallBeing as it is a gastronomic power comparable to the Basque Country and the Community of Madrid. The one that registers Atempo it officially counts as new for the editors of the ‘red bible’ but the truth is that it has moved from Sant Julià de Ramis (Girona) to Barcelona and, therefore, maintains it.

Madrid gives a good boost, with four new wound, surpassing with 31 the 30 of Barcelona: get one for Goddess, another for Quimbaya and two others, suddenly, for Smoked Room, “a fashion address in Madrid, the young chef Massimiliano delle Vedove”. The guide explains why this sudden and spectacular recognition of this restaurant directed by Dani García: “It shows the mastery of cooking techniques on charcoal, which especially impressed our inspectors, who were delighted with the preparations with subtle touches of smoke”.

There are three more new biestrellados: Amelia by Paulo Airaudo (San Sebastián), for “the delicacy and audacity of the chef’s cuisine, who skillfully mixes Basque gastronomy with culinary influences from Argentina, Italy and Japan in a particularly creative tasting menu”; Voro (Canyamel, Mallorca), because “chef Álvaro Salazar’s dishes reach new levels of finesse and refinement and, thanks to a subtle interplay of textures and nuances, offer a reinterpretation of timeless Mediterranean and Mallorcan recipes”, and Iván Cerdeño (Cigarral del Ángel, Toledo), for “savoring a cuisine that pays tribute to La Mancha products with creative and innovative compositions.”

Jordi Cruz, hexastarry

The 27 new establishments that have received their first star have been, in alphabetical order: Alejandro Serrano (Miranda de Ebro), Roots (Sagunt), Atalaya (Alcossebre), Auga by Ps (Santiago de Compostela), Ayalga (Ribadesella), Cañabota (Sevilla), Jewish House (Santander), Coto de Quevedo (Tower of Juan Abad), Goddess (Madrid), The Corner of Juan Carlos (Adeje -Tenerife-, the ‘wins’ as Atempo, after moving the premises), The Rowan (Santander, the ‘wins’ after moving the premises), Fierro (Valencia), Garena (Dima), Kaido Sushi Bar (Valencia), The Gaia (Ibiza), Clay (Castroverde de Campos), Canvas (Valencia), Ment by Óscar Calleja (Salamanca), Nintai (Marbella), Nub (Adeje -Tenerife-, the ‘wins’ after moving the premises), Nublo (Haro), Fish & Embers (Dénia), Poems by Hermanos Padrón (The Gran Canarian palms), Quimbaya (Madrid), Versatile (Bramble of Granadilla), Zaranda (Palma de Mallorca)…

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… And the aforementioned Atempo, With which Jordi Cruz remains as hexastarry (the other five are the three in Àbac and the two in Angle, also in the Catalan capital), with which he is still the second most awarded chef, after Martín Berasategui, who has 12 wound. The Basque has been distinguished with the Chef Mentor award, for his work as a trainer of many generations of chefs, “to whom he has instilled his culinary approach, his work references and, above all, his passion for a profession in which closeness and respect for the product prevails, as well as a taste for effort and teamwork”.

“Many young talents”

During the guide’s presentation gala held tonight in Valencia (a city that has won three stars for Fierro, Lienzo and Kaido Sushi Bar), another newly minted award was presented, the Michelin Award for Young Chefs: Mario Cachinero from the Skina restaurant (Marbella) He was the chosen one. At 25 years old, he never ceases to impress the inspectors of the gastronomic ‘bible’, who in the 2020 edition awarded him two stars for his “creative and perfectly executed cuisine, which reinvents traditional Andalusian recipes.”

“Despite the complex situation of 2021, there have been many young talents who defend their innovative and diverse gastronomic concepts with personality. A basic trend is imposed in many establishments: that of making the most of local products and traditions that are sometimes boldly revised“commented Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of Michelin Guides.” Our teams have also observed that more and more establishments show a greater interest in offering a kitchen that is more concerned with environmental and sustainable issues“.

11 restaurants with three stars

There are still 11 three-starred ones: Àbac and Lasarte (Barcelona), El Celler de Can Roca (Girona), Arzak, Martín Berasategui and Akelarre (San Sebastián), Azurmendi (Larrabetzu), Diverxo (Madrid), Quique Dacosta (Dénia), Aponiente (El Puerto de Santa María ) and Cenador de Amós (Villaverde de Pontones, Cantabria).

Emblems such as Santceloni (Madrid), which had two and has closed, lose their distinction, as do the missing Tickets, Enigma, Pakta and Hoja Santa (Barcelona). In Catalunya, Ca l’Arpa (Banyoles) is left without a star because it does not follow and Casamar (Llafranc), which keeps the stoves on. Others that have lost it, remaining open, are El Club Allard (Madrid), Monastrell (Alacant), Orobianco (Calp), Manuel Alonso (Daimús), Es Racó d’es Teix (Deià), Sents (Ontinyent) and Alejandro ( Roquetas de Mar). And, of course, others that have closed: La Salgar (Gijón), Acánthum (Huelva), Montia (San Lorenzo de El Escorial), Kazan (Santa Cruz de Tenerife) and Sucede (Valencia).

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Michelin has also given the green stars. Awarded for the second year, it has been awarded to eight new restaurants “whose outstanding commitment to sustainable gastronomy, combined with a strong culinary identity, creates especially inspiring dining experiences for gourmets.” Six of them are in Spain: Arbor of Amos (Villaverde de Pontones), Shell (Madrid), El Celler de Can Roca (Girona), Finca Alfoliz (Aljaraque), Clay (Castroverde de Campos) and Maca de Castro (Port of Alcúdia -Mallorca-).

One in Andorra

Gourmets looking for good food at a reasonable price will appreciate the addition to the selection of 41 new Bib Gourmand restaurants. And those who go to Andorra will be able to release the new star of the restaurant Ibaya (Soldeu), directed by Francis Paniego and located in the Sport Hermitage hotel. In Portugal, the guide has delivered five new twines: Al Sud (Lagos), A Ver Tavira (Tavira), CURA (Lisbon), Esporão (Reguengos de Monsaraz) and Vila Foz (Porto).

The list of new stars in the Michelin Guide 2022

TWO MICHELIN STARSSmoked Room (Madrid)

Amelia by Paulo Airaudo (Saint Sebastian)

Voro (Canyamel, Mallorca)

Cerdeño (Cigarral del Ángel, Toledo)

A MICHELIN STARAlejandro Serrano (Miranda de Ebro)

Roots (Sagunto)

Atalaya (Alcossebre)

Atempo (Barcelona)

Auga by Ps (Santiago de Compostela)

Ayalga (Ribadesella)

Cañabota (Sevilla)

Jewish House (Santander)

Coto de Quevedo (Tower of Juan Abad)

Goddess (Madrid)

The Corner of Juan Carlos (Adeje -Tenerife-)

The Rowan (Santander)

Fierro (Valencia)

Garena (Dima)

Kaido Sushi Bar (Valencia)

The Gaia (Eivissa / Ibiza)

Clay (Castroverde de Campos)

Canvas (Valencia)

Ment by Óscar Calleja (Salamanca)

Nintai (Marbella)

Nub (Adeje – Tenerife)

Nublo (Haro)Fish & Embers (Dénia)

Poems by Hermanos Padrón (The Gran Canarian palms)

Quimbaya (Madrid)

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