MG GT: the car with a unique, sophisticated and daring spirit

MG Motor is here to stay, especially now that it is driving fan enthusiasm even higher with a new model that brings a unique, sophisticated and daring spirit.

Everything is ready, Mexico can finally access the new Sedan C with a 160 hp 1.5-liter turbo engine, capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in 8.5 seconds.

Stands out for its performance

It came in three models: Style, Excite and Alpha, with a city fuel economy of 15.6 km/l, highway 22.7 km/l, and combined 18.2 km/l. It has a torsion bar rear suspension and McPherson strut front suspension.

It is equipped with a 1.5L high-efficiency 4-cylinder engine with MEGATECH technology and a new-generation 7-speed DCT (dual clutch) transmission, incorporating a Miller cycle for total control over fuel economy, as well as variable valve opening. in intake and exhaust to generate the greatest power when the driver requires it.

Its technology stands out in the 1.5T engine, as it is equipped with a MEGA Tech 1.5T four-cylinder, achieving a maximum power of 160hp and 185 lb/ft with acceleration from 0-100 km/h in 8 seconds.

attractive colors

Its top-of-the-range versions (Excite and Alpha) integrate sunroofs and in the Alpha version the driver can have the luxury of having heated seats, as well as a 360 camera (in the Excite and Alpha version). The interior colors are available in black or a combination of red and black to generate a much more attractive and sporty visual experience in keeping with the driver’s personality.

Among its features are also the reverse camera in the Style version and the 360 ​​camera in the Excite and Alpha versions; in addition to electric windows, central rear fog light and electronic parking brake.

interior that shines

Inside, a 3D hexagon pattern in every detail of the car, from the seat trim to the side speakers, immediately draws the eye.

The interior colors are available in black or combined red and black to generate a much more attractive and sporty visual experience according to the character of the customers.

As for entertainment, it guarantees Android Auto & Apple CarPlay connection in all versions.

Provides above-the-segment soundproofing that will enable exterior sound cancellation of up to 55 db at a speed of 60 km/hr, allowing adventurous drivers to enjoy their favorite music with six high-fidelity speakers that will deliver a immersive driving.

unique exterior

On the outside, it resembles a shark’s head, with narrow, concise headlights, creating a strong hunter-launching attitude at its prey, with a slight downward tilt assimilating a downward predatory gaze.

The front face features a low center of gravity and an angular grille that evolves the character of the car, giving the feeling of speed even when parked. The broad-shouldered design lines emphasize pure European sport styling with chrome trim, and it has LED-illuminated headlights.

Its dimensions position it as one of the most balanced in the segment (Sedan C): 4,675 mm in length, 1,480 mm in height, 1,842 mm between axles.

It is equipped with aluminum alloy wheels with a diameter of 17 inches, with a sporty design that each section is rotated at an angle of 50 degrees to give a sensation of speed even when stopped, in addition to helping the cooling of the brakes.

It was released in five colors: Nuclear Yellow (launch), Iron Oxide, Snow White, Pearl Black, and Flaming Red.

Incomparable Plus

In addition to this, being from the British brand, the MG GT offers what no other in its class offers, an unmatched “Lucky 7” guarantee, which includes the first 7 maintenance services, 7 years in the powertrain, 7 years of assistance in the way and 7 years with discount on stolen parts.

In addition, the MG GT has been honored since its launch with “Coupe of the Year”, “2021 National Top 10 Car of the Year” and other awards such as “Model of the Year”, “Global Pioneer Design Award”. The most recent award has been the “Japan Good Design Award (G-Mark)” during 2021.

The most English sedan

This new fastback version -of European design- is inspired by the iconic MG B GT (1962) which was, at the time, the star model for lovers of speed and design, so it is a guarantee of success in the industry.

It was created in the Advanced Design Center of the brand, in London, but it swept various parts of the world, debuted at the Beijing Motor Show in 2020 and has generated a stir in markets such as Asia, the Middle East, South America, now in Mexico and soon Australia.

With the backing of the British brand of more than ninety years in the industry (since 1924), the new MG GT member will revolutionize the most relevant segments of the market with a high-value product. With the MG GT, in the race of life, you set the goal. Enjoy victory.

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