Mezcaleras from Puebla seek to increase exports

Puebla, Pue. With the economic reactivation and the commercial opening, around five mezcal companies from Puebla they seek to export to the United States, France, Spain and Russia during 2022, with which there would be 21 companies mezcals with said activity.

In this regard, the president of the State Council of Mezcaleros, Braulio García Lezama, said that the results of the Appellation of origin (DO) granted to 116 municipalities at the end of 2015 and that from that time to date 40 brands have been created when seeing that there are opportunities abroad.

He commented that the talks of the five interested in exporting with marketers only from France and Spain are 60% advanced, after 10 months of negotiations in full health contingency, trusting that it will be achieved.

He mentioned that the producers have registered trademarks, who for more than 20 years have dedicated themselves to that drink, which they were marketing only with restaurants and hotels in Puebla, as well as in businesses of neighboring entities, but as a result of the Appellation of origin they strengthened their manufacturing, which opened the doors for them to make a commercial tour to those countries in 2016, however, they hoped to grow in production to be competitive.

He highlighted that the mezcal from Puebla with the promotion carried out from 2018 to 2019 and the presence in agro-industry exhibitions both in Angelópolis and in other cities of the country, has made it possible to contact buyers from other countries, who enjoy this drink.

He explained that to venture into exports it is necessary to produce a minimum of 25,000 bottles just for that purpose, which is why they have also been increasing infrastructure capacity when there are projects to expand the market.

He indicated that, in order to venture abroad, the producers worked to obtain the registration of their trademarks before the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI), as it is an important requirement.

After tequila, he commented, mezcal is the second most sought-after drink by European consumers, which is why producers from Puebla took advantage of that opportunity to enter that market, where oaxaca Y Warrior They have a significant presence.

García Lezama acknowledged that without the support of state authorities to improve production processes, they would not have been able to achieve Appellation of origin and see in this activity an alternative for better income compared to just planting vegetables and corn, which are more for self-consumption.

“Exports leave four times more in profits, hence the commitment of those who have entered that market to stay and continue seeking to grow in other European cities,” he said.

The production potential of mezcal agave in poblano territory it is 250,000 hectares, but they only have 580 and they are working on it with the producers to reach another 1,500 in three years.

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