MexTour 2021, the recovery of the Tricolor business in the US

U.S It continues to be the most important market for the Mexican team even if a pandemic hits. After a year lost in box office revenue during 2020, the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) has managed to close 2021 with a MexTour solid, composed of six games, the exploration of a new place and a ticket sale of 78% of what was achieved in the last year without the covid-19. This means that the northern neighbor continues to be the economic refuge of El Tri and even stronger for the 2026 World Cup.

The first game of MexTour 2021 It was played on May 29 in Arlington, Texas, against Iceland; then they visited Atlanta, Nashville and Los Angeles against Honduras, Panama and Nigeria, respectively, while the last two correspond to Charlotte against Ecuador and Austin against Chile, adding a total of six games, the same amount as in 2019 and one more than in 2019. 2017.

Until the game against Ecuador, the Mexican team has sold 238,523 tickets in the United States during 2021 and, adding the 20,738 that will fit in the Q2 Stadium in Austin for the end of the year against Chile, there will be a total of 259,261, which means 78% of what was sold in 2019, the last year without a pandemic. Monetarily, if each ticket is estimated at a minimum price of $ 50, this year’s profit is estimated at $ 12.96 million.

“Regardless of the sports results, the Mexican consumer fills the stadiums in the US, therefore the strategy that continues is positive. This year has not been so different than the previous ones, 2021 has been a continuity and a new boost for the commercial issue of the selection, not only at the ticketing level, but also at the consumer level, with the entire range at the level of shirts and other products. Nor is it to discover a black thread because clearly the US market is the largest consumer market and has been for many years ”, analyzes Rodrigo Mort, specialist in Sports Management from the Europa University of Madrid and the Real Madrid club.

The pre-globalist years tend to be difficult for El Tri in the United States. In 2017 (prior to Russia 2018) they played five MexTour matches and in 2013 (prior to Brazil 2014) only four, since the qualifying rounds and the Gold Cup are also crossed on the calendar. In this 2021 Mexico also participated in the qualifying rounds, the Gold Cup and Nations League, but even so the space was opened together with Soccer United Marketing (SUM), the company that organizes its matches in the US, to close a day of six games.

The six games were played in venues in the southern United States, where the largest number of Latinos and, specifically, Mexicans are concentrated. According to the US Census Bureau, in Los Angeles, for example, there are more than 4.68 million nationals and between Dallas and Houston, Texas, there are more than 3.5 million. Right in the state of Texas is where El Tri decided for the first time to include a visit to Austin within the MexTour.

“It was a wise decision because beyond the fact that Texas, Arizona and California are very attractive markets for the selection, specifically speaking of cities, Austin is the new gold mine of commercial, tourism, sports and housing development for the state of Texas. It is a rebuilt city where we have Austin FC from MLS and where the government is looking to attract teams from other leagues. Austin is the new hot spot to generate this type of commercial strategies and it will become a recurring destination for the Mexican team because it presents all the facilities at the infrastructure, venue, accommodation and media level ”, highlights Mort, former collaborator of the FMF , Adidas and Coca Cola, currently as Head of Marketing for Kia Mexico.

One of the innovations of the FMF and El Tri in 2021 in the United States was the creation of the ‘We are local’ campaign, focused directly on the Mexican public living in the northern neighbor and in which even celebrity ambassadors such as the Los Ramones de Nuevo León quintet or the singer Chiquis Rivera.

This campaign emphasizes the sentiment of Mexican roots even for those who were already born in the United States, promoting an identity of several generations that represent a market of 60 million fans and an average of 60,000 who visit North American stadiums each time El Tri arrives from a decade ago, according to figures from the Chicago Tribune.

“It is a slogan and correct storytelling because Mexico really plays at home in the United States and even beyond, because in the World Cup they also play at home, it is the country that takes more fans to the place where it is presented. ‘We are locals’ is a very direct strategy, there are places where it can be weaker, where there are fewer Mexicans, but in general it is an honest campaign to say what El Tri is in the US, what it wants to be and what connects directly with Mexicans because they feel integrated “, highlights the specialist.

Mexico seeks to consolidate the relationship with the United States even more during the next five years, in the process to the joint World Cup in 2026 and that is why it will continue to support the MexTour in that territory, which according to various US media leaves it a spill of two million dollars per game to the FMF and SUM, plus box office revenue.

The objective is clear and the FMF has the human material to continue exploiting it, highlights Rodrigo Mort: “The team that the FMF has today, the entire sports and commercial structure, with figures such as Pepe Romano and Gerardo Torrado are key pieces that have all the capacity and lobby to develop not only commercial deals and businesses, but long-lasting, somewhat political relationships for an omnichannel strategy with the US, which includes communication channels, sale of space at TV and media level, ticketing, merchandising and sports development to play against increasingly important rivals that are not only friendly. There are no flaws in the logic of the national team’s strategy and the FMF, they know exactly what they are doing and how to make it profitable ”.

Including MexTour and competitions such as the Gold Cup and Nations League, Mexico closed with a total of 15 games in the United States during 2021, although the most complicated was that of Cincinnati due to the World Cup qualifiers, since there the majority support was for the national team. local. Of those games, he won eight (even before the match against Chile) and only had friction with two teams from outside the American continent: Iceland and Nigeria, from Europe and Africa.

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