If the governing body of Andrés Manuel López Obrador continues with the current trend of economic downturn and lack of confidence in inversionists, the sexually accumulated cumulative premium may be less than 1% of Gross Domestic Product (PIB), with the risk of a decrement, advancing the industry of transformation.

It is worth noting that Mexico has experienced economic hardships in reducing real estate, as well as its two consecutive offenses. PIB of less than 0.1% in 2019, more than the 8.5% reduction in 2020, and a hopeful increase of less than 5% by 2021, the industry observes that in 2022 it will present a 2.5% increase, economics ”, said Juan Manuel Chaparro, President of the Commission of the Industrial Fomento de la Canacintra.

Expressing that in the “fragile and debilitating” situation of the economy, there is a high inflation rate that rises 7.13% and directly affects the bolsillos of the Mexicans; in addition to crime and uncontrollable public insecurity.

“In the Mexican economy, there is a lack of redirection of the rumor before irregular behavior; “Deterioration and deceleration in other cases, but not in the direction of crime sustained in any part of the industrial sectors of the country”, said the representative of the Canacintra.

According to Chaparro, the Mexican government needs to establish an alliance with the business and industrial sector to promote the micro, small and median companies (MiPymes) mainly, and do not discriminate against large companies, in order to be truly legal, for sure and respect the state of derecho to the inversions.

This form, dijo, in conjunction generates more and more formal employees well paid, proportional fuentes of work constant to the majority of the population.

“The estimated GDP for the year 2022 will increase by 2.5% – and so alone, we will correct the rumbo, very much below the 4.1% estimated by the government sector”, considered.



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