Mexico would stop building half a million cars due to the shortage of semiconductors

The shortage of semiconductors will cause Mexico stops producing 553,000 light vehicles in 2021, and with this, the distributors lose the commercialization of 100,000 units, estimated Gerardo Gómez, director of the JDPower Mexico Consulting.

He specified that General Motors It is the assembly company hardest hit by the shortage of chips in our country, losing an assembly of 240,500 units, almost 50% of what the Mexican automotive industry in general would stop producing.

The consultancy specialized in automotive customer satisfaction estimated that it will be until 2023 when there is stability in the delivery of chips to the auto manufacturing industry.

This has caused the recovery of sales in the domestic market to take 7 years, when the projection was that the same amount of 2016 would be sold in 2024, which is 1.6 million new units.

The lack of vehicle inventory will continue in 2022 due to the shortage of chips.

It was estimated that it would take “from three, to four, to five years, and right now we are in seven years for the recovery, given the availability of units and the uncertainty of the market to where it is moving, so we are more than double the global level ”Said the director of JD Power Mexico.

The other assemblers facing chip issues are Volkswagen, and would have a decrease in production of 71,600 units; followed by Stellantis, with 51,000 cars; Toyota, with 40,200; Nissan-Renault, 37,800, and Ford, with 24,900, as well as Mazda, with 4,800 units.

Also, it was reported that customers in the Mexican market are more emotionally and affectively satisfied with their vehicles of 1 to 3 years of ownership compared to last year, according to the Design and Performance section (APEAL) of the Study of Quality and Reliability of the Vehicle in Mexico 2021 (VDS) of JD Power Mexico.

In general, the Design and Performance index increased 10 points compared to 2020, to 872 (on a scale of 1,000 points). However, when owners have a problem, the satisfaction index drops 41 points, highlighting the relationship between customer satisfaction and vehicle quality.

In this study, the emotional bond and the level of affectivity with the attributes and functionality offered by the product is concentrated in the Design and Performance index, which measures customer satisfaction with their vehicle.

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