Mexico will create state-owned company to exploit lithium: AMLO

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced the creation of a Mexican State company to exploit the lithium in the national territory, especially in Sonora, and that would order women to investigate, in previous cases, federal concessionaires.

No. As these concessions are integrated into the era (to exploit the lithium), it is for the exploitation of minerals and the lithium is otherwise, is a strategic mineral and is of the nation. It’s not like the gold, it’s not like the plate, it’s not like the cover, it’s something else, it has more to do with a nation’s resource, strategic, like the petroleum ”.

The concession for the lithium is special, explained, by which it is decided to exploit for the benefit of the Mexicans.

“Además, adelanto, vamos a créar un empresa de México, de la nation, para el litio ”, afirmó, porque, tampoco quiere que el pais sea” territory of conflict between potentials. Ni Rusia, ni China, ni Estados Unidos; Mexico. Our sovereignty ”.

“In the meantime, there is nothing more than a mining concession, the reporter has an operation in the extraterrestrial and the Mexican litho has not been able to form part of the inventories of a company or an extraterrestrial government. If you have an investigation into what you are doing, it is authorized ”.

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