Mexico, the US and Canada open a new phase of relationship after the IX Summit of North American leaders: Ebrard

After completing the IX North American Leaders Summit, the Secretary of Foreign Relations, Marcelo Ebrard, assured that a new stage was opened between Mexico, the United States and Canada with a common vision to detonate the region in economic terms, development and cooperation in the face of challenges.

From the Mexican embassy in Washington, Ebrard presented a balance of the summit which he described as extraordinary and positive.

“There is an ideological and political affinity and a good chemistry between the three, so I would say that this will mean a new stage in the relationship between the three leaders and, above all, that an idea is reinstated, a common vision of North America in economic terms, technological development, joint design, acting in common agreement in the face of different types of circumstances and difficulties ”, he highlighted.

The Foreign Minister informed that the United States will invest in the Sembrando Oportunidades program to support Central America and southern Mexico to face migration.

“The United States is going to invest in a program that will probably be called Sembrando Oportunidades (…) we will be working with the United States agencies in the next few days to give them the details,” he said.

Although the issue of the proposed electricity reform in Mexico was not discussed, he indicated that President López Obrador shared “his idea of ​​the country and why he is doing the reforms that he is doing, and why he is making new rules, what is the main engine that explains the decisions that Mexico has been making these three years in many matters “.

The 2022 trilateral summit will be held in Mexico City.

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