Mexico State Municipalities Must Pay Debt: Businessmen

Given the scenario that the 20 most important municipalities in Mexico collectively add a debt of 4,500 million pesos to suppliers in economic terms, local businessmen are looking for the new administrations to finalize these payments.

In a virtual press conference, the President of the Business Coordinating Council (CCE) State of Mexico, Laura González Hernández, explained that access to public information and protection of personal data of the entity and municipalities (INFOEM) by the Institute for Transparency that the information obtained where the should of the municipal administrations that are gone.

“We are waiting for the new administrations to finish installing themselves so that they acknowledge this debt, we hope that with the approval of the funding made in the 2022 Fiscal Package, some municipalities can face it,” he said.

González Hernández mentioned that the Mexican companies they run the risk of not being paid for the services they provided, or the products they provided to previous municipal administrations.

The main issues where it is due are: construction, stationery, information technology, furniture, cleaning services, media and rental.

Among the municipalities reporting debt are Naucalpan, Tlalnepantla, Toluca, Ecatepec, Cuautitlán Izcalli, Tultitlán, Metepec, Atizapán de Zaragoza, Lerma, Ixtapaluca, Chalco, Tepotzotlán, Cuautitco and Coacal.

Tax package 2022

With regard to the approval of the 2022 Fiscal Package this weekend, the state business leader pointed out that it is necessary for the economic development and economic recovery commissions of the local congress to announce the recovery plan.

“The unfavorable economic conditions we have faced Mexico State Not only are they due to a pandemic, they started in 2018 and exacerbated the pandemic; It is important that we take this into account and immediately take actions that improve conditions, ”he added.

Exactly, the budget amount for the entity for this year envisages 325 000 million pesos, as well as a debt of 5 000 million.

In addition, the Congress approved that the municipalities contract financing for up to 5 500 million pesos during the fiscal years of 2022 and 2023, to be paid within a period of 15 years, by allocating resources from the State Fund for Municipal Reinforcement (FEFOM) if a guarantee of payment and on condition of the contracting and the evolution of the credit must be reported to the local Legislature every three months.

These resources should be used to pay off previous financing, carry out infrastructure, financial restructuring, new works, and to monitor compliance with contracting requirements.

At the same time, it was agreed to create a Technical Committee consisting of representatives of the Ministry of Finance, the Political Coordination Council, the High Governing Body and the State Institute of Taxation of Mexico (IHAEM) to finance the municipalities.

The 125 municipalities are also authorized to contract resources to finance works, productive investments and basic social actions, by offering resources from the Municipal Social Infrastructure Contribution Fund (FAIS) as a guarantee and source of payment.


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