Mexico, second in reactivation of global tourism: Sectur

In recovery of international tourism, Mexico is second among the major tourist powers, just behind Turkey, during the first quarter of 2022, said the Ministry of Tourism (Sectur), based on data from the Tourism Barometer of the World Tourism Organization ( UNWTO).

In terms of foreign exchange earnings, our country is 3.9% below the record obtained in the first quarter of 2019, a comparison only surpassed by Turkey, which is 17.4% above, according to the UNWTO methodology.

In the line of arrival of international travelers, the European country has a negative comparison of 9.5%, leaving Mexico in second position, with a setback of 22.6%, reported the Sectur.

In the foreign exchange flow category, Mexico surpassed other countries such as France (-9.8%), Spain (-20.8%), Italy (-26.2%) or Germany (-39.7 percent).

And in terms of tourist flows, Mexico exceeds nations such as Italy itself (-31%), Spain (-32%) or the United States (-56.3 percent).

The Secretary of Tourism, Miguel Torruco, pointed out that, according to UNWTO expectations, international tourist arrivals in 2022 would reach between 55% and 70% of 2019 levels.

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