Mexico rebasará in five years the 1.5 ° C at the annual media temperature

El 2021 fue el sexto aña más caluroso a nivel global, with an increase from 1.1 to 1.2 degrees centigrade with respect to the pre-industrial period. Even the tens of thousands of years that have passed in the last decade and have estimates that the temperature will rise to 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2030 and 20 degrees Celsius on the planet (with respect to the principles of sailing), experts estimate la UNAM.

“Our country is fast becoming the global marketplace. Hecho, in the year 2020, which is the most recent year that we have registered, rebasamos the 1.5 degrees and we will be at the top of 1.6. “There is a need for natural variability and a tendency towards calendering,” said the coordinator of the Climate Change Investigation Program (PINCC) of the UNAM, Francisco Estrada Porrúa.

At a media conference at a distance from 1975 to the spring, our country has an approximate 0.3 degrees per decade, which is high in comparison with other regions of the planet. Calentamiento is heterogeneous: meanwhile in the center and large part of the country there is an increase of two degrees by sail, hay regions in the north that he has already tended to have six.

The specialist alerted that there was an inauguration scenario, the climatic changes for Mexico would be huge. “The accumulated costs during this series of comparable losses are lost between 50 per cent and are less than five times the actual gross domestic product”.

Indicators that may increase by four degrees during the annual temperature may increase during the decade of 2070 in some respects, while the ecosystems may adapt to this change. “Mexico, Guadalajara and Monterrey tend to lose economic value through a climate change that could hit $ 1,000 million annually by this 2020 date.”

In the agriculture there are reductions in yields of fifty to 20 per cent in the next two decades, and up to 80 per cent to the finals of the sail for some crops and ages. “The states with mayor aptitude currently for May may increase perrid, to sailing finals, between 30 and 40% yields”.

In this way, Tamaulipas, Veracruz and San Luis Potosí tend the mayoral levels of risk by fluctuation, as well as states of the center of the country.

Increase the risks

In his openness, the researcher of the Institute of Scientific and Atmospheric Change (ICAyCC) Paulina Ordóñez Pérez said that the last eight years he had the most global-level customers, and observed that the planet is approaching 1.5 degrees Celsius. centigrade degrees, respecting the pre-industrial levels. Why do we decide that it’s fun? Then we retrieve numbers of scientific evidence that we think that the increase of 1.5 degrees will bring a safe limit to the planet, because of all the giants being incremented.

Considering the global level we are making positive estimates, like the Paris Accord. “The climatic change affects all the regions of the planet, the most intense way in the continental zones of the northern hemisphere, and the global way more than 800 million people and as many years as 2021”.

Además, we live a real alert for humanity. In 2021, death tolls and derivative losses from extreme climatic events.

For his part, the former ICAyCC investigator, Alejandro Jaramillo Moreno, explained that during the intense anthropogenic activity that the climatic change is taking place, natural phenomena such as El Niño and La Niña, which are calentamientos (the first) or the next ) anomalos of the Pacific Ocean with an impact on the global climate. Tien oscillations and present some years and others no, but also tien repercussions at planetary and regional level.

What to do?

Between the solutions to confront the climatic cambio, Jaramillo proposes to integrate academia and civil protection, which its women have to react to extreme events, so that society is prepared for strangers.

The specialists will pronounce the climatic change with some mitigation means, as they will log the concrete transition to renewable energy, and increase the inversions in science and technology of this discipline.

We also consume less as individuals and store a cambio in the social model, maintain the conservation pillar to protect the aquifers, increment in the green areas and azoteas green, as well as modify the pavements have permeable materials that allow the passage of water.


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