Mexico reaches 13 million vaccines against Covid-19 donated by the United States

With the most recent arrival of 2 million 160,900 AstraZeneca vaccines against him Covid-19, Mexico reached 13 million 143,800 doses donated by USA.

The United States has recognized Mexico’s efforts to ensure vaccines and reaffirmed its commitment to continue contributing.

“The world has been shaken by Covid-19 pandemic and in North America the impact has redoubled our determination to fight together as an integrated region, to face the global challenges of this and future pandemics, “the US embassy in Mexico said in a statement.

So far, the United States has donated 250 million vaccine dose as part of an effort to vaccinate 70% of the world’s population by next fall.

“Thanks to this joint work, as partners and neighbors, we will help protect our peoples from the ravages generated by Covid-19, since vaccination is the key to health and social and economic reactivation from our region, “he added.

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