Mexico is one of the countries with the “cheapest fuel”: Profeco

the owner of the Federal Consumer Protection Office (Prophesy), Richard Sheffieldreported this Monday that for the first time the tax incentive the Special tax on production and services (IEPS), this week, will be 100%, for the regular gasoline, Premium and diesel.

During the morning conference of the president Andres Manuel Lopez ObradorSheffield indicated that last week the average price of regular gasoline was 21.44 pesos per liter, from the Premium was 23.30 pesos and the diesel it was 22.55 pesos per liter.

The Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit (SHCP) increased the amounts of the complementary fiscal stimulus that is granted to gasoline, after the escalation of prices that has been observed in recent days. For the week of March 12 to 18, the fiscal stimulus complementary to all fuels, this after the government granted them 100% of the already existing fiscal stimulus.

Ricardo Sheffield assured that thanks to the policy of the Government of Mexico Regarding fuels “as a very important factor to be able to maintain low inflation and regulate the market in our country, in very adverse conditions due to the pandemic and the war in Ukraine,” he said.

the owner of the prophet assured that Mexico is one of the countries that have “the cheapest fuel”. He indicated that the price converted to pesos per liter of low octane gasoline is 45.60 pesos in Germany; of 43.82 pesos in France; of 39.74 pesos in Spain; of 32.62 pesos in United States; of 30.96 pesos in Canada; of 28.61 pesos in China and 22.42 pesos on average in Mexico.

The head of Profeco indicated that, as of March 10, the international price of the Mexican oil mixture was 102.49 dollars per barrel. He said that a slight drop in the price is beginning to be seen and he hopes that this cost will be maintained, “for the good of the World economybecause this is a problem that is affecting all the countries of the world”, he indicated.

As for the price of LP Gasassured that there is a slight downward trend, and I wish it to continue like this, for the good of “all countries, of all humanity,” he said.

He reported that the international price of LP Gas, on March 9, was 33.50 pesos per kilo, while the average price in the 145 regions of the country was 24.26 pesos per kilo. He said that for the stationary tank, the international price was 17.88 pesos and the average price in the regions of the country is 13.05 pesos, “a price significantly below international prices.”

Closure of Shell gas stations

Ricardo Sheffield indicated that in the verification that was carried out at a Shell gas station, located in the Anzures neighborhood, Miguel Hidalgo delegation, in Mexico City, the prophet immobilized 20 bombs, the Security, Energy and Environment Agency (ASEA) closed the gas station and the Energy regulatory commission (CRE) suspended its permit to sell gasoline.

At another gas station, located in Naucalpan de Juarez, Sheffield said that ASEA, CRE and Profeco found serious irregularities, although he did not detail the infections.

The weekend caused controversy by the closure of three Shell gas stations, which were accused of selling gasoline above the established prices and abusing consumers and were punished with the closure of their entire establishments, without explanation of the norm that they broke to become creditors of this sanction.

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