Queretaro, Qro. In the entity was presented the Querétaro Wine Cluster, the first of its kind in Mexico; With its launch, this industry is known as a strategic sector for the state’s economy.

The president of the Querétaro Wine Cluster, Mariano Velten Funcia, explained that with its installation, six objectives are outlined: achieve an annual growth of up to 10% in wine production, as well as increase the area of ​​vineyards by 60% by 2028.

It is also planned to offer highly specialized jobs with competitive salaries that reduce migration and achieve a higher quality of life; zoning the different producing regions in the state, taking into account the different soils and microclimate of each subregion.

evolve into a viticulture integrated and ecological; and consolidate itself as a wine region with the best gastronomic offer and the most attractive for investment in integrated wine projects.

In the state there are more than 600 hectares and 300 wine labels; besides being the main wine producer and exporter sparkling; Similarly, it is the main wine tourism area in the country, receiving one million visitors a year, said the president of the cluster.

“The cluster model consists of recognizing a sector as strategic for the state economy, to establish objectives and achieve them in the short term, the first wine cluster in Mexico, Querétaro, was born,” he explained.

The Secretary of Tourism of the state, Mariela Morán Ocampo, highlighted that nine out of 18 municipalities make up the wine route, which makes up 600 hectares of vineyards; housing 250 hotels, with 5,000 rooms and 11 artisan cheese factories.

Meanwhile, the governor Mauricio Kuri Gonzalezsaid that the state’s wine sector is now a world benchmark, emphasizing the consolidation of the first cluster of this industry in the country.


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