Mexico has ample potential to formalize its economy: ManpowerGroup

“Mexico has tremendous opportunities to build a formal labor sector, especially if it has policies that lead to economic development in a much more aggressive way, we are living a moment of opportunities on the table,” said Jonas Prising, CEO of ManpowerGroup.

In an interview with El Economista, Prising explained that two years after the pandemic, the processes of change in companies have accelerated, which in turn requires better prepared, trained talent, otherwise labor markets remain static.

“Mexico has an opportunity to grow in the energy sector, this may or may not be very strong, depending on the path chosen. All that Mexico has to do is to make it easier to invest and settle in the country, to be able to be much more competitive, because this will generate much more stability and employment,” said the director of ManpowerGroup, which has a presence in 50 countries.

He stressed that what has been seen recently, and that is unusual, “is that the United States is growing and Mexico is not following that, normally they are on an upward curve, they are growing together with the United States (…) I consider that It may be because companies can’t operate as efficiently as they should.”

In that sense, he said that it is that “the government, helping the private sector, has clear rules for everyone. For example, when the transition to the new labor law reform was made, around 900,000 formal jobs were lost and we know that these people went into the informal sector.”

Specialized services, new market

Prising highlighted that, after two years of not visiting Mexico due to the restrictions of the pandemic, he finds that, with the reform of the labor law, “there are very good opportunities to move our services towards the field of a workforce solutions company. job, not a placement agency.

In such a way that the business moved to specialization in several sectors, “we are doing more permanent recruitment. So we are looking for people for permanent positions for all our clients. We are training talent through different programs, and we are providing outsourcing solutions through our talent business.”

The manager added that all change creates the formula: change-pain-growth. “You can’t grow from change without the pain; normally it’s not just change and growth, you have to go through the pain. And then you get to growth and that’s where we are now, in the middle of the change. We remain very optimistic about the opportunities in Mexico.”

He stressed that the automotive industry is added to the developing sectors, such as energy, “it is a market that is growing 2% each year, or two and a half million entering the labor market; but 45% go to the formal market. So, if you don’t use the opportunities, instead of generating those jobs, the economic development that is advancing in other countries is lost”.

In that sense, he stressed that it is essential to improve the skill level of the Mexican workforce.

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