Colombia y Mexico announces this March a plan to relaunch tourism between countries, including multiple denunciations of hostages to Colombian travelers through migrant authorities.

“We are talking about having a different system to facilitate tourism in Mexico and Mexico in Colombia (…) so that we can avoid inadmissions, migratory difficulties”, said Mexican Chancellor Marcelo Ebrard during an official visit in Bogotá.

In March of 2021, the ministry of Exterior Relations of Colombia Expressed its “pre-occupation” recourse “multiple denunciations concerning malicious treatment by the Mexican migration authorities” to its nationals.

So far, Colombian variants have been linked in the media to aggression and strict controls on what sometimes happens at airports.

“It’s not just that the people have their shortcomings”, Ebrard agreed at the end of a meeting with his Colombian counterpart, Martha Lucía Ramírez.

There are no details about the plan, the diplomat added that the media will rule from February and look for the passengers “without any type of default in transit between the two countries”.

Since 2012, Colombians have been able to travel to Mexico without a visa, an application that has been made since then for Mexican travelers.

During his visit to Bogotá, Ebrard Casaubon said he was setting up a High Level Security Group, meeting with Mexican companies he had invested in in Colombia.

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