Mexico and Canada seek panel against the US on rules of origin for cars at the T-MEC

Mexico is working with the automotive industry and with Canada to find the “right moment” to start the panel against the United States on the rules of origin for automobiles under the North American trade agreement, the T-MEC, said this Thursday the Secretary of Economy, Tatiana clouthier.

In August, the Mexican government asked the US to initiate formal consultations on the matter, considering that its interpretation of the application of these norms was incompatible with what was agreed in the T-MEC.

Failing to reach an agreement within the deadline stipulated in the treaty, it was decided to turn to a panel of experts to settle their differences, as reported by Reuters at the end of October.

“We are about to start the next stage, which is the panel, and on that we are working hand in hand with the sectors and with Canada,” Clouthier said in an appearance before deputies. “We are within the times and we will defend the interests of our nation“, he stressed.

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