Mexican Soccer Federation will appeal FIFA sanction

The Mexican Football Federation (FMF) will appeal against the sanction imposed on the senior team by the FIFA that forces him to play his next two official home matches without an audience in the stands, due to the discriminatory shout that was presented during the last knockout date in the Aztec stadium.

“We will be working to eliminate any act of discrimination in our stadiums and matches, that is our strategy and we are doing so. We are communicating to the FIFA that we think it is much easier to move forward with full stadiums with our people and them understanding, than with closed stadiums. That is our position ”, announced on Wednesday the president of the FMF, One of Luisa.

In seven years, Mexico has received 17 sanctions from FIFA Due to discriminatory slogans, the latest was announced at the beginning of November: a fine of 100,000 Swiss francs (2.2 million pesos) and a ban on receiving public in the next two home matches.

The determination of the games without fans interferes with the chances of taking the games of the National selection to another headquarters within the Mexican republic different from Aztec stadium. Previously, the state of Jalisco had raised its hand to host a World Cup qualifying match.

“Within our original plan there was the possibility of bringing the National selection to other venues, right now we have to wait to see what will be the final resolution of the FIFA or in your case of the TAS to know how we are going to operate. We have to give priority to the sports theme mainly, and secondarily to the show. Obviously we want to bring the selection closer to other different hobbies, not because of the shout, but because they deserve it and in that sense we had thought about taking out some of the matches in March. But today with our reality we do not know how we are going to be, if we are going to be able to have people in the stadiums or not, we will wait for that decision ”.

If the sanction is specified as indicated FIFA, the Mexican team he would play without his hobby against his peers of Costa Rica and Panama next year, as it already happened against Jamaica last September. According to calculations made by El Economista, the FMF it stopped entering an estimated 24.9 million pesos from the box office in the duel against the Reggae Boyz.

FMF continues to add sponsors

LG is the last of the brands to join as a sponsor of the Mexican team in an agreement for the remainder of the World Cup cycle, that is, for approximately one year, although Yon de Luisa specified that “we will be in the best position to be able to extend this strategic alliance.”

The objective of LG, a company based in South Korea that manufactures electronic products, is to accompany the National Team on their way to Qatar. As well as being close to the Mexican fans offering smart products to make your entertainment experience unique.

“One of the benefits is bringing quality products to our fans and the second is that thanks to the investments made by our commercial partners, we can invest that money in the development of Mexican soccer. Thanks to what is entered by national teams, we support not only the multiple trips of our teams in their different branches and categories, but also projects such as the academies to select or watch our U-15 players, projects with which we support the TDP League, Premier, to the amateur sector, to the basic forces of MX League, to Liga MX Women Yet the Expansion League. Fortunately, everything generated by the FMF is reinvested in development ”.

With this there are 16 allied brands of the Mexican team, of which the company LG, Xiaomi, Hyperice, Banorte were added this year.

According to records from this newspaper, a Master member of the Mexican team pays between five and 10 million dollars a year.

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