Mexican reinforcements?

Even before joining the PRD, in her university stage, Claudia Sheinbaum formed a compact group in the Faculty of Sciences of the UNAM that she has now reactivated to build her political project from the CDMX Government Headquarters.

Among his political allies, in his PRD stage, Sheinbaum added Carlos Alberto Ulloa Pérez to his team two decades ago. And also from those times dates her link with Rigoberto Salgado Vázquez, who was a delegate in Tláhuac at the same time that she ruled Tlalpan.

The Ulloa – originally from Chiapas – and the Salgado are among the political clans that openly work for the presidential candidacy of 2024 for the head of government, who in the deployment of his strategy will soon add the outgoing mayor of Tlalnepantla, Raciel Pérez.

In the activation of this plan, the former mayor of Miguel Hidalgo, Víctor Hugo Romo, will also participate, who coincides with the Mexican – in addition to the geographic neighborhood – with the defeat in the last electoral process on June 6. Both boast of closeness and loyalty to Gabriel García and Alejandro Peña, two of the operators of the Fourth Transformation who openly already work for the cause of the head of government.

Raciel would hand over the mayor of Tlalnepantla on the last day of 2021 to the Alliance member Antonio Rodríguez Hurtado, but yesterday he announced to the council his separation from office, starting on December 6. That hasty departure – they observe in Toluca – obeys more to a dissuasive action. And the fact is that the recent appointment of Evelin Osornio as head of the Oversight Body, would imply a first action by the state government – led by the PRI Alfredo Del Mazo – against the Morenista councilors who will leave their positions. Among the most controversial, due to their financial disorders, are the outgoing mayors of Atizapán, Ruth Olvera and Naucalpan, Patricia Durán, as well as Raciel.

Priistas and Morenistas are fighting for budgetary matters. The Mexican president proposed to the Legislature a budget package that contemplates a debt of 9.5 billion pesos, which, according to Deputy Daniel Sibaja, would increase the local debt to 67.675 million, of which half have been managed by the current administration.

The mayor of Tlalnepantlense – according to those versions – would have shelter in the CDMX and a scandal in the making.

The Tlalnepantla landfill – to which 1,000 tons of waste arrive daily from the western area of ​​the Valley of Mexico – will be concessioned by the municipal authorities, who will hand over power within 40 days.

In compliance with the bidding rules, the representatives of the participating companies went to Barrientos, where these facilities operate, and discovered that two weeks earlier, the state attorney’s office for environmental protection had placed closure seals at the main entrance.

In addition to this partial suspension, a complaint filed by three of the competing firms is in progress for the alleged favoritism of the local treasurer, Ricardo Santos Arreola, to Tandem Ride, a firm that currently operates the property whose operation has been one of the main problems of the council, which in mid-2019 revoked the contract previously granted by the PRI mayor Denise Ugalde to the company Veoila Bajío.

Since then, the Moreno mayor proposed converting these facilities into a comprehensive solid waste management center with state-of-the-art technology that he would deliver to a new concessionaire. The project requires 200 million pesos and a guaranteed payment of 175 pesos per ton of garbage received, but the profits after 20 years would be four times more than the initial investment.

Side effects

CONTUNDENCIES. Less than 25% of the voters of San Pedro Tlaquepaque returned to the polls, to elect the municipal council again, after the Superior Chamber of the Electoral Tribunal annulled the results of the elections of June 6, due to the interference of the curia catholic. Morena decided to apply for Alberto Maldonado and failed miserably. The bad choices made by the national delegate from Moreno, Fabio Castellanos Polanco, is behind the disaster. While the preliminary results outline the triumph of the emecist Citlalli Amaya, the morenistas regret that the strong man in Jalisco, Carlos Lomelí, has been practically separated from the process, being the one who knows the party and the political groups best.

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