Mexican consumers empezaron el 2022 con menor confianza

Mexican consumers will continue this year with a reduction in their confidence in the economy and its financial assets, in line with the data released by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi).

The Consumer Confidence Indicator (ICC), which works in conjunction with the Government of Mexico (Banxico), recorded a level of 43.4 points, with declassified figures.

This means a decrease of 0.9 points with respect to December, and then the second consecutive register to the bay.

In addition, the epidemiologic conditions in the emerging countries have given rise to a considerable number of Covid-19 contagions, provoked by the new Omicron variant, which already had a quarter of the contagios that were super recent.

In its annual comparison, the ICC showed an increase of 4.4 points.

Throughout this year, it has been observed that all components of the ICC will demonstrate monthly comparison comparisons, with major strengths in the current economic situation of countries and the possibilities of purchase.

In the case of the current economic situation in the Netherlands, a decrease of 1.8 points was observed in December, while the possibilities of buying the hogar cayeron members 1.3 points in the average of the high inflation levels recorded in the last month.

Respect for the economic perspectives of one year of the members of the hogar and the country, while working with a score of 0.6 points in monthly comparison, while the current economic situation of the members of the hogar deteriorated by 0.3 points.

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