Metro stations that look like shooting galleries

Many citizens believe that the consumption problems in the Montreal metro are worse than ever.

At the Papineau station, the TVA Nouvelles team was able to observe that people were injecting drugs on the métro platform, and throwing their dirty needles on the tracks.

During the passage of TVA Nouvelles, at least 50 syringes were strewn on the ground.

The STM is aware of this situation and says it takes it very seriously.

Measures are in place to stem this situation, with the constant collaboration of the SPVM and various organizations that work with people with illicit substance use problems.

Two mixed front-line patrols, made up of STM inspectors and constables and community social workers (SDS), are in operation, particularly in winter, to respond to this type of situation.

In addition, a mixed second-line EMIC patrol, made up of an inspector, an SPVM police officer and a socio-community worker (SDS), particularly for the treatment of intoxicated persons, is also deployed.

STM and SPVM front-line patrol officers and STM employees have been trained to take action quickly when consumption situations are reported.

Inspectors have been trained to use naloxone to intervene when needed.

The STM is aware of the realities of drug consumption in downtown Montreal. Unfortunately, this is a social reality with which society must come to terms, it is believed.

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