Methodical institutional dismantling

Since before December 2018, the Lopez Obrador government began its work to dismantle works and programs of the ancient regime, an incessant task that has not ceased since the cancellation of the Texcoco airport.

Fighting corruption is the leitmotif for eliminating institutions, but in 35 months they have not built any, at least none that has shown efficiency and competence in the most prosaic of the task of governing: administration.

If the routine administrative shortcomings of the government persist, the speech of September 30, 2024 would paraphrase Gorbachev: “the old institutions did not finish disappearing and the new ones did not finish settling down and … everything collapsed.”

Preventive imprisonment, punishes poverty

All Presidents react displeased to judicial decisions that do not favor them, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is no exception, although he uses hyperbolic rhetoric, such as that justice is only for “fifís”.

This time, the president of the Supreme Court, Arturo Zaldívar, did not give ground when speaking of the ruling that will make the informal preventive detention for tax crimes unconstitutional.

He gave a legal argument: it violates the guarantee of presumption of innocence, but the minister-president of the SCJN also gave a social and political argument: “informal preventive detention punishes the poorest.” Alien him to the ampáyer.

Disclosures from the SSA to deputies

Despite the fact that most of the Moreno deputies clothed him, the head of Health Jorge Alcocer sweated his shirt to respond to the implacable and acrid demands of the opposition. Stage aptitude stuff, I guess.

He recognized what they always denied: the shortage of oncological drugs, but also, in an effort to be consistent with the six-year line, he accused the past of “the deficit of 170 thousand doctors in the health system.”

With that argument the government’s duckling universities are sustained, but no one even asked if there would be money to pay their salaries and at the same time to build and operate the great infrastructure that would occupy them. Maybe they thought he had already sweated enough.


While the tenant of Palacio explained that the case of the former head of Sedatu Rosario Robles is a case of the FGR, the Head of Government Claudia Sheinbaum launched herself directly against the former official. The Reyesheroliano council forgets that there are times when officials should not testify … Reporters asked Fidel Velázquez: “Are you a charro leader?” He replied: “when did you see me on horseback”. So that the new generations do not accept “fake news… It is worth it for the opposition mayors to decide how to face the offensive that will not cease from the National Palace, where the defeat of last June is not digested. Tuesday against Sandra Cuevas. Attentive, because they are under close surveillance … The Prosecutor Carlos Romero Aranda has a singular perspective of their task, who said: “the SCJN ruling will make them lose their fear of the Treasury” … From his Marxism, but effective administration that he won applause from everyone in the mayor of Madrid, Enrique Tierno Galván recalled: “In politics you are in contact with dirt and you have to wash to avoid smelling bad …”.

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Political Journalist

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