Messi returns, by Josep Maria Fonalleras

Tomorrow is the Day of the Innocents and, in a remote time, it was customary play pranks because it was an appropriate date to expose those in good faith, those who swallow everything, those who look at life with the eyes of blind trust. Some took advantage of this to pass off phenomenal nonsense as the most natural thing in the world. After a while the deception was discovered and everyone laughed, because that was what it was about. From play with naivety. I say that these things happened in a remote time because, at this point, there is no human mind that is capable of distinguishing the lie from the truth. And jokes no longer filter, except if they are reduced to the sports field, such as announcing that Messi, bored in Paris, is offered, free, as Barça’s winter reinforcement.

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If a few years ago someone had written that in the Plaza de Sant Jaume there were fights between ‘alternative mangers’ and ‘anti-vaccine deniers’ everyone would have thought that the editor had gone crazy or that he had time to lose with such an unlikely facet. And it turns out that the news is true and, from there, you will tell me who is capable of playing with the poor innocents, which is all of us.

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