Message from the Minister of Health – Nutrition Month


March 5, 2024 | Ottawa, ON | Health Canada

Nutrition Month is celebrated every March to remind us all how essential good nutrition is to our health and well-being. This year’s theme is “We Are Dietitians!”, and this month we celebrate the important role dietitians play in helping us achieve good nutrition, as well as the benefits of making healthy food choices to improve our quality of life.

Healthy eating matters and is important at all ages. It can help us feel good. It provides energy to fuel our bodies and minds to do the things that bring us joy and satisfaction. Provides essential nutrients to maintain our general health. And it helps prevent chronic diseases like heart disease and type 2 diabetes. But it’s not always easy to know how to choose healthy foods or how to achieve healthy eating habits in our busy lives. That’s where dietitians come in.

Dietitians working at Health Canada have played a key role in shaping many of our healthy eating strategy initiatives, including Canada’s Food Guide. and new regulations on front-of-package nutrition labeling, which can help people make informed food decisions.

Health Canada continues to develop new tools and resources to promote healthy eating. For example, the food guide. snapshot, which gives people a quick glimpse of what a healthy meal should consist of, has been translated into over 30 languages, including 9 indigenous languages. There are more than 100 recipes in the cooking food guideand the Department publishes a monthly food guide newsletter offering healthy eating tips to more than 70,000 subscribers. This includes working to support the nutritional needs of vulnerable populations, to ensure that people with unique dietary needs have access to high-quality, safe, nutritious foods.

Health Canada is also testing the Friendly initiative of gastronomic guides. This is a voluntary initiative that encourages publicly funded institutions to create healthier food environments by increasing the availability of nutritious foods and beverages and improving their appeal, with a current focus on post-secondary institutions and recreational settings.

This Nutrition Month, learn more about the Department’s food and nutrition initiatives, and for Dietitians Day on March 20, familiarize yourself with our tips for healthy eating.

The Honorable Mark Holland, PC, MP


Christopher Aoun
press secretary
Office of the Honorable Mark Holland
Health Minister

Media relations
Health Canada
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