Mercadona’s new product ideal for cooking rice that is “10”: it costs 2.70 euros

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The Juan Roig chain surprises more every day with its new products, from successful dishes even the sweetest ingredients, such as custard cream, the new snack paper waves egg and milk cookies. Thanks to the effort and perseverance, the company manages to enter the pantries of most families, positioning itself as one of the markets with the highest turnover in Spain. All its products stand out for their good quality and cheap prices, a clear example is the novelty launched this week: the fish stock.

With this ingredient you will get some very tasty fish and seafood paellas or fideuás quickly and easily, adding all the flavor of seafood cuisine. It is marketed under the brand Farmer, in a 950 ml glass bottle and priced at 2,70 euros.

The ingredients that compose it are: water, tomato, onion, Pacific jellyfish, olive oil, shrimp extract, fish and shellfish preparation, salt, sugar, paprika, white wine and garlic. “My eyes see fumet and my head asks for paella” or “Very good, out of 10” are some of the comments on social networks from customers who have already tried it.

The word fumet comes from the French “tufo”. Formerly, the royal cooks of France used the bones and heads of the leftover fish, boiled them to counteract the aroma previously impregnated in the kitchen and saved the remaining liquid.

Its mode of use is very simple and it is always prepared with cold water, for example in stews it is recommended to replace the water with Mercadona stock, providing an extra flavor. It can also be consumed as a consommé, pouring the broth into a container and heating it, and optionally adding small pieces of egg, chicken, croutons …

It can be consumed as a main dish, accompanying it with the pieces of fish and vegetables that each one chooses.

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