Memory, Justice and Repair for Bruises and Harassment, by Meritxell Benedí

If you have an act of love, this is the memory.

Montserrat Roig Fransitorra

What does the juice and death cause of the brewery of Elisabet Cerdà of Castellterçol, in 1620, with the assassination of Jordina Martínez, in Manresa, April 14, 2021? ¿Y con la wage break do you think women are covered by the media a 22.08% less than men? And with the dedication of the women the double time to the domestic tariffs, in comparison with the men?

Hasta hace poco y, de hecho, quizás para muchas des la persona learner this article, la bras was a combination of media obscurity, superstition and Iglesia, absolutely disconnected from our lives in an undeveloped, rational world and which has contributed to the religion of the masses of collective decisions. But this interpretation has long been superior to the Historical research with a gender perspective.

The feminist movement proposes, among other goals, the recovery of household goods and figures in all forms, from history, literature, mathematics, medicine or the arts. Ante the idea that history or the economy, for example, is universal and neutral, the feminist movement and the anti-racist and decolonial movement he demonstrated that what we are normal is a (re) continuous creation, which seeks to reform a political system that operates on three levels: patriarchy, capitalism and racism.

Asia, feminist historiography locates the origin of many of them structural desigualdades that the women will live in 2022 in a series of successful advances from sail XVI, known as bras. A genocide that took place in Europe and colonial America, imposed by civil tribunals and in Catalonia torture and assassination to a million women.

One of the reference works is’ Calibán y bruja. Mujeres, kuerpo y accumulationa primitiva ‘(2004), where Silvia Federici revises the process of primitive accumulation that Marx theorizes as the origin of capitalism and evidence that the cause of bruises is, in the first place, a selective caste that is collected collectively as it is exemplified for all women. On the other hand, to devalue the lives, except the trajos, the acquaintances and the practices that the hacián doubles of his bodies, his desires and his reproductive capacity. And, finally, there is a strategy to dispose of the women. The brothel institutionalize the control of women through men y, for that matter, the jérquía between men and women, desautorizándolas.

This is a fundamental historical moment of the capitalism, patriarchy and modern racism, supports the relations of gender and racial inequality, its structures and perceptions, under the guise of feminist movement, formal equality and the compromise of goblins, in the presence of women in power and decision-making spaces , the dedication to the care work, the pay break or the 87 feminicidios in Catalonia, since 2012.

The case of brass signaling, persecution and castigating female dissidents who, viviendo vidas libres, amenazan las relations de poder establecidas. This individual discipline that disciplines the rest Continues my life every time a woman is engaged and arranged in social speeches, with a violence directed to invisibilizarla and silenciarla, for someternos a todas.

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These markets are approved by Parliament a resolution presented by the ERC, JxCat, the CUP and En Comu Podem that has as an objective repair the historical memory of the condensed, executed and suppressed women by the brewery and impulse the investigation with a gender perspective on the cause of bruises.

Revise what we know from a feminist perspective, squabbles and decolonialism are urgent in order to confront the nets of our society. Retrieve the memory of aunt’s great aunts and repair the injustices that are committed against those who have five fathoms are indispensable in order to understand the inequalities that we live by and strive to build a free, democratic, just social, equitable and guaranteed right to the rights of women and, for that matter, the Human Rights. This too is #Feminist Transformation.

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