Meme Ai Price Rises 90%, New AI Crypto Project Scotty The AI ​​Surpasses $3 Million in ICO

The coin frenzy is reaching new heights, with AI-themed token Meme Ai (MEMEAI) soaring over 90% in the last 24 hours.

Speculative mania is taking over the growing AI crypto space. Additionally, traders are trying to take advantage of the integration of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.

However, while Meme Ai continues to pump, another dynamic upstart, Scotty the AI ​​​​(SCOTTY), has turned heads by raising over $3 million during its ongoing ICO pre-sale event.

Meme Coins continue to make headlines in the crypto market, with Meme Ai leading the way.

The value of the MEMEAI token has skyrocketed over the past day, pushing it to 3rd place on CoinMarketCap’s coveted list of trending cryptos.

The frenzy was fueled by a meteoric rise in MEMEAI’s trading volumes, which soared 868% from the previous day to exceed $6 million.

This wave of speculative inflows quickly caused the token’s market capitalization to rise to $4 million.

So what is all the hype about?

This stems in part from Meme Ai’s innovative use case. The project uses AI to generate hilarious memes that can be minted as NFTs and traded on the project’s upcoming marketplace.

The integration of memes with blockchain technology is a new concept that exploits two essential sectors.

But the buzz also appears to be fueled by Meme Ai’s rapidly growing online community.

More than 2,600 people have followed the project’s Twitter page in recent days, highlighting the rapid surge in interest in Meme Ai.

AI Crypto Tokens Capture Investors’ Attention

The Meme Ai rally could not have been better timed.

Additionally, the token has benefited from the recent AI crypto craze that has seen several projects in the space go parabolic.

Just a few weeks ago, Worldcoin (WLD) shocked the market by exploding over 330% in just 20 days.

The AI ​​token’s stunning spike has sparked a speculative frenzy in AI-focused cryptos.

Almost overnight, the hype around AI blockchain integration reached a boiling point.

Aided by the bullish momentum of the broader crypto market, traders have piled into any token remotely linked to artificial intelligence.

Fast forward to today, and the broader AI crypto sector boasts a combined market cap of over $24 billion and 24-hour trading volumes exceeding $5 billion.

Its sector dominance of 0.99%, which represents the share of the total cryptocurrency market capitalization, highlights how quickly it has captured the imagination of investors.

Meme Ai therefore seems to have inserted himself into this story at the ideal time.

By combining the viral potential of memes with the capabilities of AI, it is well-positioned to attract more attention as the weeks go by.

Scotty the AI ​​combines fun and utility to raise more than $3 million in pre-sale ICO

As Meme Ai continues to go viral, another intriguing coin project is regularly generating buzz: Scotty the AI.

Additionally, this ERC-20 token combines two of the hottest narratives in crypto: meme culture and AI integration.

At its core, Scotty the AI ​​positions itself as the smart coin for the everyday crypto investor.

Its mascot is a Scottish Terrier, chosen for the breed’s reputation for spirit and loyalty, fitting for a new project aimed at building trust.

But there’s more to Scotty, the AI, than just his visuals.

The team has already outlined an ambitious roadmap in the project’s white paper, focused on providing practical AI use cases to investors.

One of the largest is Scotty Swap, a decentralized exchange (DEX) that leverages AI to optimize transactions.

Additionally, alongside Scotty Swap, the developers plan to launch ScottyChat, an AI-powered chatbot designed to provide personalized investment advice and market insights to SCOTTY holders.

This utility-focused approach resonates with investors.

Additionally, in just two months since the presale launched, Scotty the AI ​​has already raised an impressive $3.2 million from buyers looking to get in early.

In addition, the symbolic characteristics of the project could be another attraction. 40% of the 1.7 billion supply is allocated to pre-sale and 20% is reserved for three-year staking rewards.

A generous 58% staking APY along with AI-powered features make SCOTTY an attractive proposition for investors looking for passive income and cutting-edge technology.

While the market’s fascination with meme coins and AI tokens may prove fleeting, Scotty’s AI foundation means it could become a mainstay that survives hype cycles.

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