In the newspaper FreedomWednesday, a hundred people signed an open letter in which they point out irregularities.

The signatories allege that someone attempted to add votes during the count, and question the legitimacy of online voting.

They write that people reported being able to vote online without being registered for the annual general meeting or without being a member of the radio, although a person could have voted twice, either in paper format and online.

They add that some scrutineers say they only counted the votes in person and did not have access to the votes online.

In the open letter, the members request the holding of a new extraordinary general meeting.

They want a vote to be held to dismiss this newly elected board of directors.

Members want to question the transparency and procedure of holding the April 19 vote.

I signed because following the meeting we were all left feeling unwell. There was a very simple question that was asked. How many people were eligible to vote and how many votes were there?. We didn’t answersays Nathalie Kleinschmit, a member of Envol 91 FM radio.

The situation is unfair for the new CA. How to work if its legitimacy is already in doubtshe continues, specifying that she does not question the skills of the new board of directors.

She would have liked the candidates to be able to present themselves before the vote and put forward their motivation.

She considers that the voting process was not transparent, in particular the voting method, the Google form without control after that tellers who disagreed.

The scrutineers discarded a batch of seven votes, which someone had brought into the counting room, after the votes had been collected.

The version of the president of Envol 91 FM

The new president of Envol 91 FM radio, Blandine Tona, believes that the signatory members speak only of suspicions and are based on opinions.

We have no element of doubt, all questions have been answered. Those who managed the elections were formal, there were no irregularities. There is no reason to believe that there was fraud. Why do we use these words which are so strong that we now associate the board of directors to deprive it of its legitimacyretorts Ms. Tona who was reassured by the conduct of the online vote.

Mrs. Tona also explains that the 7 doubted votes came from 7 people who had voted late, because they were finishing their prayers in an adjacent room.

She confirms that these votes were discarded because they arrived late, in the version supported by the president of the annual general meeting, Raymond Lafond.

Blandine Tona in front of the entrance to the Center culturel franco-Manitoba at 340 Provencher Boulevard, in the Saint-Boniface district of Winnipeg.

Blandine Tona, the new president of the board of directors of the Envol 91 FM community radio station.

Photo: Radio-Canada

The president of Envol 91 FM radio says she is ready to answer questions from members of the community.

Mrs. Tona also wants to discuss with the other members of the Board in order to be able to concentrate on the new tasks of the group.

At the end of the afternoon, Wednesday, the letter was not officially sent to the board of directors of Envol 91. It is an opinion letter published in the newspaper.

In this context, the CA is not obliged to accept the requests of the signatories according to the regulations.

The board of directors has planned to meet on Wednesday evening to discuss this.

With information from Chantallya Louis

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